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3CX Phone System Parameters Table

The Custom Parameters contains a list of advanced settings for 3CX. The default value of these parameters generally applies to most installations, and should not be altered unless otherwise advised to do so by 3CX Support.

The Custom Parameters can be found in the 3CX Management Console > Settings > Parameters > Custom Parameters tab. Below is a list of all parameters:

Name Description Value
ACPRMSET The name of currently active prompts set 8210986B-9412-497f-AD77-3A554F4A9BDB
ALERT_INFO_URL URL used for alert info so the phone can download the required ring tones from this url http://www.notused.invalidtld
ALLOW_CALL_TAKEOVER Allow takeover of established calls using Re-invites with replaces. Available options 0 off and 1 on 1
ALLOWFWDTOEXTFROMGRP Allows members of ring groups and queue to forward calls to external numbers. Requires that the gateway must be able to accept a call ONLY when the callee has answered – Early media OFF. Default enabled 1
ALLOWSOURCEASOUTBOUND Used only for remote extensions. If 1 (on) PBX saves the source IP:port of last successful OK to REGISTER message and constructs target requests to that IP:port, except those that have FQDN as target. If set to 0, ACK will be sent to IP:port specified in Contact header of 200/INV 1
ALLOWSOURCEASOUTBOUNDVP Used only for VOIPProviders. Default 0 If 1 (on) PBX saves the source IP:port of last successful OK to REGISTER message and constructs target requests to that IP:port, except those that have FQDN as target. If provider needs this to 1 to work, then this provider is unreliable 0
ALLOWUSEBUSYOPTFORGROUP =“1” will enable use of phone ‘Busy’ status instead of ‘PBX status’ for members of ring groups 0
ANALYSEVOIPPACKETS If set to 1, PBX will perform various consistency checks on VoIP Packets, and report results in server activity log. Useful when troubleshooting remote extensions 0
APNS_HOST FQDN of APPLE APNS Push Service. For development only use
APNS_PORT Port of APPLE APNS Push Service 2195
APPPATH Application Installed Path C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\
ATTACH_3CXCONFIG_WELCOMEEMAIL Parameter to attach 3cxconfig provisioning file to 3CX welcome email used to automatically configure 3CXPhone. Available options 0 off and 1 on 1
AUDIO_PROVIDER_ENABLE_AUTOGAIN 3CX Audio Service provider will dynamically adjust the volume of the stream in quiet parts to the level specified by parameter AUDIO_PROVIDER_MAX_VOLUME. Default value is 0 Disabled. Set to 1 to enable this option 0
AUDIO_PROVIDER_MAX_VOLUME Normalizes volume of the audio stream produced from Line in or Audio Playlist in case the audio files used do not have equal volume. Allows values are numeric and specify a percentage. Default is 0 – disabled. Example set to 25 to get -12dB 0
BILLFREQUENCY This parameter tells the billing module to round up to the next unit specified. Default behavior is blank. If it is set to 5 billing will round up to the next 5 units
BILLINGCODE BillingCode dial code **
BILLINGROUNDUP This controls whether the rounding up for billing will be made in minutes or in seconds. Default behavior is blank in seconds. 1 = minutes
BLACKLISTCHANGED The dummy parameter used for black list change event
BLOCKREMOTETUNNEL Ignores failed authentication requests originating from tunnelled connections 0
BMACCEPTTOUT Boomerang acceptor timeout in seconds 5
BMCALLTOUT Boomerang caller timeout in seconds 120
BUILD Build version 670
BUSYPROMPT Replaces busy tone with Busy prompt. This will answer the call. 0 = busy signal on busy. 1 = Busy prompt played out when busy 0
CALL_TRANSFER_TRACKING_TIME Time interval in seconds in which Transferer will track status of blind transfer. If transfer will not be completed during this time, the transferer will be removed from the call and the result will depend only on the destination 60
CALLASSISTANTVERSION Current Version of the Call assistant Server 36097
CALLBYNAME_MAXLEN Maximal length of number for call by name -1
CALLBYNAME_MINLEN Minimal length of number for call by name 3
CALLHISTITERIVL callhistory Interval in seconds for processing iteration 60
CALLHISTTEMPLPERCALL Path to CallTemplate.xml for Per Call file output C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\CDRTemplates\CDRTemplate-PerCall.xml
CALLHISTTEMPLSINGLE Path to CallTemplate.xml for single file output C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\CDRTemplates\CDRTemplate-Single.xml
CALLHISTTEMPLSOCK Path to CallTemplate.xml for Socket text output C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\CDRTemplates\CDRTemplate-Socket.xml
CALLHISTTEMPLSOCKLISTEN Path to CallTemplate.xml for listening Socket text output C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\CDRTemplates\CDRTemplate-SocketListen.xml
CALLHISTTODB Flag to write callhistory to Database or not TRUE
CALLHISTWEEKLY Flag true=1 file per Week or false=per day TRUE
CALLRECORDSROOT Define the root path of call recordings. C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Recordings
CBTEST Call Back Test Extension, an internal 3CX Service Extension used for the 3CX Firewall Client Checker *888
CDM_EX_CONVERT Convert + to any value for contacts received from MS Exchange =+
CDM_EX_GAL Option to sync the first 100 Global Address Book Users from MS Exchange FALSE
CDM_EX_MAIL User Accounts to sync from MS Exchange
CDM_EX_PASS Impersonated User Password
CDM_EX_PUB Public Folders to sync from MS Exchange
CDM_EX_TIME Time when syncronization will occur from MS Exchange. Default 4AM 400
CDM_EX_USER Impersonated User Account
CDM_EX_VERSION Version of MS Exchange Server
CDRENABLE Enabling of CDR records output 0 = disabled and 1 = enabled. Default=0 0
CHECK_CALL_DIVERSION_LOOP Algorithm to check for infinite system routing loops. If set to 1 Internal call history will be used for loop detection. If set to 0 loop detection works for forward all type rules 1
CONFERENCEEXTPIN Default Password Pin number for authentication for new created conferences Default value 0000 0
CONFPINLENGTH Controls the length of digits to generate the access PIN code to join a scheduled conference. Default value is 4 4
CONFPLACE_MOH_SOURCE Music file to be played to conference participants waiting in a conference C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Ivr\Prompts\onhold.wav
CONFPLACE_RTPFIRST RTP range of ports allocated for conference room 40310
CONFPLACE_RTPLAST RTP range of ports allocated for conference room 40438
CONFPLACE_SIPPORT specifies SIP port for Conference Room component. 40300
COUNTRYCODE Country index for e164 Number processing 357
COUNTRYINDEXNAME Country name for the country index Cyprus
CPSIPINTERFACE Binding address of NIC for conferenceplace component
CUSTOM1NAME Allows ability to change the mapping from Profile Available 2 to something else Available 2
CUSTOM2NAME Allows ability to change the mapping from Profile Out Of Office 2 to something else Out of Office 2
DEFAULTAUDIOFILE Default Music on hold file for Audio Feeder C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Ivr\Prompts\onhold.wav
DEFAULTHOLIDAYPROMPT Contains the path to the default holiday prompt used by the holiday service digital receptionist to play in case the specific holiday does not have a holiday prompt
DEFAULTLOCALIP The default local IP of the PBX
DEVELOPMENT_DNTABLE_EXPOSE This will enable a DN property table in the advanced settings used for developers only. Available options Default 0 disabled 1 enabled 0
DIALCODECONFGATEWAY Dial code to access conference gateway service 700*
DIALCODEOUTOFFICE Deactivate Office Hours – Calendar settings and time used as set in the global Office hours in Settings/General.*641 IN Office *642 OUT OF Office irrespective of current time
DIALCODEPROFILE Change profile using dial code Default *3. Options *30 Available *31 Away *32 OutOfOffice *33 Custom1 *34 Custom2 *3
DISABLE_OUTBOUND_IN_OOH Disables Outbound Calls in VP, Bridges, Gateways when Out of office hours is triggered. If 0 feature is disabled. If set to 1 Feature is enabled. Default 0 0
DISABLE_SYSCALL_AUTH This option controls authentication of INVITE requests from IVR (makecall), Queue (“polling” call) and Paging group (intercom call to member of paging group). 0 (default)=requires authentication. 1=does not require authentication 0
DISALLOWREFERTOBUSYSP Available options 0 and 1. 0=PBX will allow transfer request to a busy parking place. 1=PBX will reject transfer request to a busy parking place 0
DUMMYGLOBALOFFHOURSEV The dummy parameter used for office hours change event
ECHOTEST Echo Test Extension used to test echo, delay and round trip timing *777
ENABLECONFERENCEPIN Enables the Conference Server Password Pin for authentication for new created conferences Default Off 0/On 1 0
ENABLEEARLYMEDIA Switch off Early Media Support on 1 or off 0 1
ENL Extension number length 3
EXT_REFMT_INTL_PREFIX This prefix (outbound rule) will be added to dialled outgoing numbers from extensions for INTERNATIONAL formatted calls
EXT_REFMT_LOCAL_PREFIX This prefix (outbound rule) will be added to dialled outgoing numbers from extensions for LOCAL formatted calls
EXT_REFMT_NATL_PREFIX This prefix (outbound rule) will be added to dialled outgoing numbers from extensions for NATIONAL formatted calls
FAXDIRECTSDP modifies behavior of SDP negotiation when the FAX extension is the destination 1
FAXOVEREMAILGATEWAY The default 3cx fax extension. The fax over mail extension 888
FIRST_STARTED internal parameter 6.35401E+17
FIRSTEXTPORT First port to use for external calls 9000
FIRSTLOCALPORT First port to use for internal calls 7000
FORCEREAUTH forces PBX to re-request authentication if it has nonce that has already been used. If value = 1, PBX will force the check. If set to 0 – PBX will not check reuse of nonce 1
GCM_AUTH GOOGLE GCM Google cloud messaging Push Service authentication key. Should be in the format key=followed by key from google account
GCM_HOST FQDN of GOOGLE GCM Google cloud messaging Push Service
GCM_SENDERID GOOGLE GCM Google cloud messaging Push Service sender ID
HIDECALLERID Block Outbound Caller ID *5
HIDECALLERIDINFO This information will be send in the INVITE instead of the Outbound Caller ID Information, Used in conjunction with HIDECALLERID parameter anonymous
INTERCOM Intercom dial code Default disabled
INTERNATIONALPREFIX International Prefix 0
IVR_MOH_SOURCE Controlled by parameter IVR_USEBK_MUSIC. This specifies the source of the music to play in the background for IVR calls example name of file. Default blank
IVR_RTPFIRST RTP range of ports allocated for IVR. Default 128 sim calls. 2 ports per call 40610
IVR_RTPLAST RTP range of ports allocated for IVR. Default 128 sim calls. 2 ports per call 40866
IVR_SIPPORT specifies SIP port for IVR component. 40600
IVR_USEBK_MUSIC Enable or disable background music for all IVR specified by parameter IVR_MOH_SOURCE. Available options 0=off 1=on 0
IVRDIALINGTONE Path to audio dilaing tone file that will be played during the first seconds of delay when call to IVR is made C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Ivr\Prompts\USProgresstone.wav
IVRDONOTCALL Comma separated list of destination numbers including ranges that will not be allowed for dialing from all IVR in 3CX. Default empty
IVRNOCHECKFORDN If set to 0 IVR will block calls to extensions that do not exist in the system. If set to 1, IVR will allow calls to extensions that do not exist and they will be processed through the outbound rules 0
IVRPROMPTPATH Path for the ivr prompt file C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Ivr\Prompts
IVRSIPINTERFACE Binding address of NIC for IVR component
KEEPALIVE_TIME_UDP Controls interval in seconds that keepalives will be sent. Default is 30 seconds 30
LANGUAGE Installation language code en
LASTEXTPORT Last port to use for external calls 9049
LASTLOCALPORT Last port to use for internal calls 7499
LOCALSUBNETS Default Local Subnets reserved for Private Networks by the IETF and IANA RFC1918,,,
LOGGEDINQUEUE LoggedInQueue dial code *62
LOGGEDOUTQUEUE LoggedOutQueue dial code *63
MAILBODYMISSEDCALLS Email Body for missed calls notification email You have a new missed call. From: %from% at: %start_time%. Ringing time: %ring_time% to extension:%to%
MAILSUBJMISSEDCALLS Email Subject used in Missed calls notification email New missed call from: %from% at: %start_time%
MAINTENANCE_CHECK_INTERVAL Interval in minutes to check for logs that can be deleted or moved to backup folder. Default 30 minutes 30
MAINTENANCE_CMBINLOG_MAXFILES Minimum number of 3CX Phone System Binary log files to keep in the log folder 2
MAINTENANCESCRIPTONSTARTUP Forces configuration service to run maintenance script on startup 1
MAXCALLDURATION This is the maximum timeout for connected calls Default is 3 hours. Calls will drop after this time 10800
MAXNOANSWERTIMEOUT This is the maximum timeout for ringing calls used for backup purposes – Default is 5 minutes 300
MAXNOOFDIDS Maximum Number of DID/DDI that can be created globally in the system 4000
MINVOICEMAILDURATION Voicemails that are less or equal to the value specified are not saved. Default value is 0 – disabled. Value is in milliseconds 0
MISSEDCALLSDATETIMEFORMAT Allows to change the format of the date.Example: yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss For more informamtion check here: If empty or incorrect, the current computer culture settings will be used.
MISSEDCALLSRINGTIMEFORMAT Allows to change the format of the time for the duration of the missed call.Example: hh\:mm\:ss For more information see here If empty or incorrect the current computer time settings format will be used
MLFROMADDR Senders e-mail address for notifications
MLSRVADDR SMTP server address
MLSRVPASSWORD Password for accessing SMTP server password
MLSRVPORT SMTP server port
MLSRVTLS Enables SSL/TLS to send email notifications. Available values are 0 OFF and 1 ON. Default value is 0. 1
MLSRVUSER Username for accessing SMTP server
MS_ALLOWVIDEOANDIMAGEPROXY Available options 0 off and 1 on to enable inbuilt video proxy. Re-invites must always be enabled for this to work 1
MSADDRFC2833FORINBANDDTMF Allows Media server to distribute recognized in-band DTMF as RFC2833 to other participants of the call 1
MSE_ADDRESS Address of the MS Exchange IVR
MSE_USEIVR Using MS Exchange IVR 0
MSEXCH_SPECIALMENU Value is a string. You can enter the value MNU for compatability with Exchange 2007 or voicemail special number example 999. Default value is Blank which defaults to 999
MSRTPTOS This parameter instructs the Media Server to mark all the packets it generates with a value between 0 and 63 in the DSCP field in the IP Header. Default Value: 0 – Valid Values: 0-63 Please note that Windows XP and Server 2003 disables IP Header tagging by default. You will need to set a DWORD registry value called DWORD registry value called DisableUserTOSSetting in the following location “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services > Tcpip > Parameters” and give it value “0”. You will need to restart the machine for this setting to kick in. 0
MUSICONHOLDBEHAVIOUR Controls the behaviour of Music on Hold Default 0 OFF 0
MUSICONHOLDFILE Music file for music on hold C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Ivr\Prompts\onhold.wav
MYPHONE_SHAREDPARKING_DIALOG Enables the shared parking dialog in 3CXMyPhone. Available options 0 – disabled will not show transfer dialog and park to the first available shared parking place and 1 – Enabled. Display dialog and user can select a shared parking place 0
MYPHONECLIENTLOGGINGLEVEL This will control logging of 3CXMyPhone clients. Available options 0=disabled, 1=Low, 2=Medium, 3=Verbose 0
MYPHONESIPAUTH Hide or show SIP Authentication Tab in myPhone. 0 hide 1 show 0
MYPHONEVERSION 3CXPhone Version 12.0.36097.670
NEWAXFEREMULATION This enables new attended transfer functionality notifying the pbx when a transfer was successful for those phones that do not support replaces. Available options are 1=ON and 0=OFF 1
NONCEEXPIRATION defines nonce expiration time (seconds). By default it is 20 sec. After this time has passed since nonce issue — PBX will treat that nonce as expired and will force re-authentication (will issue 407 response with new nonce freshly generated. 20
NOTALLOWED_COUNTRYCODES Specifies the country codes which are not allowed for outbound calls 001, 001, 001264, 001268, 001242, 001246, 001441, 001345, 00506, 0053, 001767, 001809, 001829, 001849, 00503, 00299, 001473, 001671, 00502, 00509, 00504, 001876, 0052, 001664, 00505, 001670, 00507, 001787, 001939, 001869, 001758, 001784, 001868, 001649, 001284, 001340, 0054, 00297, 00501, 00591, 0055, 0056, 0057, 00593, 00500, 00594, 00590, 00592, 00596, 00595, 0051, 00508, 00597, 00598, 0058, 005993, 005994, 005995, 005997, 005998, 005999, 00355, 00376, 00374, 0043, 00375, 0032, 00387, 00359, 00385, 00420, 0045, 00372, 00298, 00358, 0033, 0049, 00350, 0030, 00441481, 0036, 00354, 00353, 00441624, 0039, 00441534, 00371, 00423, 00370, 00352, 00389, 00356, 00373, 00377, 00382, 0031, 0047, 0048, 00351, 0040, 007, 00378, 00381, 00421, 00386, 0034, 004779, 0046, 0041, 0090, 0090392, 00380, 0044, 003906698, 0093, 00994, 00973, 00880, 00975, 00673, 00855, 0086, 00670, 00995, 00852, 0091, 0062, 0098, 00964, 00972, 0081, 00962, 00965, 00996, 00856, 00961, 00853, 0060, 00960, 00976, 0095, 00977, 00850, 00968, 0092, 00970, 0063, 00974, 00966, 0065, 0082, 0094, 00963, 00886, 00992, 0066, 00993, 00971, 00998, 0084, 00967, 00213, 00244, 00247, 00229, 00267, 00246, 00226, 00257, 00237, 00238, 00236, 00235, 00269, 00242, 00243, 00225, 00253, 0020, 00240, 00291, 00251, 00241, 00220, 00233, 00224, 00245, 00254, 00266, 00231, 00218, 00261, 00265, 00223, 00222, 00230, 00262269, 00269639, 00212, 00258, 00264, 00227, 00234, 00262, 00250, 00290, 00239, 00221, 00248, 00232, 00252, 0027, 00211, 00249, 00268, 00255, 00228, 002908, 00216, 00256, 00260, 0025524, 00263, 001684, 0061, 00614, 006189162, 00682, 00679, 00689, 00686, 00692, 00691, 00674, 00687, 0064, 00683, 00672, 00680, 00675, 00872, 00685, 00677, 00690, 00676, 00688, 00699, 00678, 00681
OPERATOR Operator extension number 100
PARK Park dial code *0
PARK_MOH_SOURCE Overrides default path/name of the Music on hold file to be played for all Parked Calls. Default is blank C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Ivr\Prompts\onhold.wav
PARKORB_RTPFIRST RTP range of ports allocated for Parking Orbit 40010
PARKORB_RTPLAST RTP range of ports allocated for Parking Orbit 40138
PARKORB_SIPPORT specifies SIP port for ParkingOrbit omponent. 40000
PBXERRORCODES Defines the email notification error codes
PBXPUBLICIP The public Ip/domain of the PBX
PEC Prefix for external call 0
PERS_PHBK_ONLY System wide option. Currently available for Polycom only. Available values 0 1. 1 removes company phonebook leaving personal phonebook only. 0
PHONEBOOK_LAST_FIRST Defines caller name replacement format. Available values 0=FirstName LastName 1=LastName FirstName Default 1 1
PHONEBOOK_MIN_MATCH Available values 0 disabled,-1 exact match only, N>0 minimum match length required for best-match strategy, numbers are compared from tail to head 0
PHONEDEVICESVERSION Version number of Phone Devices Auto Detection 36097
PICKUP Pickup dial code *20*
POSIPINTERFACE Binding address of NIC for Parking orbit component
PREPENDNAMETOCID name of queue / inbound rule will be pre-pended rather than appended
PRMUPDTM Time of the last changing within the prompts settings
QM_RTPFIRST RTP range of ports allocated for Queue Manager 32000
QM_RTPLAST RTP range of ports allocated for Queue Manager 32399
RANDOMMUSICPERCALL Randomizes Music on Hold per call made Default value 0 OFF ie MOH is randomized Per Day. When 1 option is on and MOH will be randomized per call 0
REGISTER_REQUEST_MAX_TIMER Controls interval of registration period when 3CX is answered with 503 Service Unavailable. Default Re-registration is 120 seconds (2 minute) Value is in seconds 120
REMOVECOUNTRYCODE Remove if same Country 1
REP_CMDTIMEOUT This is the max time allocated to the reporter to query the database for generation of reports. On large systems should be increased if exceptions are detected. Default time in seconds 900
RESPONSE_ERROR_CODES These are all the error codes that will be reported with Event ID 12294 when received from VoIP Prov Bridge PSTN Trunk. Comma separated list of sip error codes 400, 401, 403, 404, 405, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000
SEC_BLACKLIST_TIME Amount in seconds to keep the abusing IP address in blacklist. Default value in seconds 86400
SEC_IGNORE_USER_AGENT List of user agents in comma separated form that are by default used in security and hacking tools. 3CX will immediately ignore any responses and act dead friendly-scanner,sipsak,smap,Elite 1.0 Brcm Callctrl,sipcli
SEC_MAX_CHALLENGES When IP Challenges 3CX and does not answer to 407 with authentication, these requests are counted per IP and when value is reached, IP is blacklisted for Blacklist time specified 1000
SEC_MAX_FAILED_AUTH Authentication protection. If attacker,device sends failed register/proxy auth required, entity is blacklisted. SEC_BLACKLIST_TIME parameter will be loaded. Default value 25 25
SEC_RATE_BARRIER_1 Protection Layer 1 Triggered when Server receives X pkts/sec. Further requests will be rejected and will respond with 503 to many requests-resend after value SEC_RETRY_AFTER parameter 2000
SEC_RATE_BARRIER_2 Protection Layer 2 triggers when layer 1 is abused. Default value in Packets per second. Abusing IP will be immediately blacklisted for value specified in SEC_BLACKLIST_TIME parameter 4000
SEC_RATE_TIME_ALLOW Allowed free time – Abuse counting starts but no checks are made in this period – After this period expires, checks are enforced. Default value in ms 200
SEC_RETRY_AFTER Value specified in 503 Too many requests triggered for Barrier 1 responses. Default value in seconds 5
SECURESIPPATH Secure SIP Certificate Path C:\ProgramData\3CX\Bin\Cert
SETAVAILABLE SetAvailable dial code *60
SETAWAY SetAway dial code *61
SHOWEXTWEAKPASS Enabled by default – Highlights in red extensions that have weak passwords and voicemail pin numbers 1
SHOWMUI Parameter to enable 3CX Webmeeting user interface 1
SINGLE_SIP_IP Available options 0 off default behavior, 1 on which means that pbx will use ip specified in parameter SIPINTERFACEIP in all SIP contructs instead of calling windows function GetBestRoute 0
SIP_FORKED_ID_BUSY Available options 0 and 1. If set to 0, when one of the sip forked entities sends a busy signal, all invites to all participants are canceled at once. If set to 1, each participant must send a busy respectively. Other SiP Forked devices remain on target 1
SIPINTERFACEIP IP Address that phone system server will use in all SIP negotiations. If IP is specified (must be present on stack) and parameter SINGLE_SIP_IP is set to 1, call manager will use this IP in all SIP constructs overriding windows function GetBestRoute. Default blank
SIPPINGPERIOD Time intervall to poll endpoints with SIP INFO messages, in seconds. 0 – disabled 0
SIPPORT Sip Port 5060
SLA_ENABLED Enable or disable SLA feature – Available values 0 off or 1 on Default Value Off 0
SLA_ONSUBSCRIBE Defines how many SLA slots are available for each shared appearance when SLA is activated by device subscription. 0 means none. Positive N means N slots are allocated on the first subscription 0
SMDRHOSTPORT SMDR Listening host and port, empty host = disabled(default), use
SNOM_TBOOK Parameter to control SNOM phonebook. Available options are true and false. When true, the phonebook directory is erased and re-provisioned from scratch. Default is true TRUE
SP_VERSDESC The installed service pack version description SP.
SPP_DROP_PICKUP_CALLS Shared parking place will forcedly terminate simultaneous attempts to pickup a call from multiple Cisco SPA Phones simultaneously. Available options are 1=ON 0=OFF. Default Off 0
SPUPDATE_EMAIL_NOTIFICATION Sends an email notification to the administrator when there is a new service pack update 0
STUNDISABLED Flag used to inform PBX about the Stun disabled status 0
STUNSRV Default STUN server address/port
STUNSRV2 Default second STUN server address/port
STUNSRV2PORT Default second STUN server port 3478
STUNSRV3 Default third STUN server address/port
STUNSRV3PORT Default third STUN server port 3478
STUNSRVPORT Default STUN server port 3478
STUNTCHECK Recheck external IP every, sec 1200
STUNTOUT Timeout time for STUN response, ms 3000
SYSTEMLOGGINGLEVEL The current logging level 2
TIME_DST_END_DAY Day when DST settings end 25
TIME_DST_END_HOUR Hour when DST settings end 3
TIME_DST_END_MONTH Month when DST settings end 10
TIME_DST_SAVING_MINUTES Number of minutes to add while DST is active 60
TIME_DST_START_DAY Day when DST settings start 28
TIME_DST_START_HOUR Hour when DST settings start 2
TIME_DST_START_MONTH Month when DST settings start 3
TIME_TIMEZONE_AASTRA Timezone in Aastra-compatible format US-Eastern
TIME_TIMEZONE_CISCO79X0 Timezone for Cisco 7940 7960 compatible format EST
TIME_TIMEZONE_CISCO79X1 Timezone for Cisco 7941 7961 compatible format Eastern Standard/Daylight Time
TIME_TIMEZONE_FANVIL Timezone in Fanvil compatible format 14
TIME_TIMEZONE_GRANDSTREAM Timezone in Grandstream-compatible format 420
TIME_TIMEZONE_GRANDSTREAMEXEC Timezone in Grandstream-compatible format for new Grandstream Executive phone models EST5EDT
TIME_TIMEZONE_LINKSYS Timezone in Linksys-compatible format GMT-05:00
TIME_TIMEZONE_SNOM Timezone in Snom-compatible format USA-5
TIME_TIMEZONE_YEALINK Set timezone for Yealink – Available options are -13 to 12 Default -5 US Eastern Standard Time -5
TIME_UTC_OFFSET_MINUTES Difference from UTC in minutes 60
TIME_UTC_OFFSET_SECONDS Difference from UTC in seconds- Used for Polycom phones -18000
UNPARK Unpark dial code *1
USERAGENTSTRING User Agent that 3CX will send can be customized. This will hide the identity of the VoIP PBX so attackers cannot know what is behind port 5060 Needs full restart of services
VERSION Version 12.0.36097.670
VMAIL VMail dial code *4
VMDIALOUTENABLED Enable dialout calls from voicemail menu. By default it is 0. Set to 1 to enable dialout calls. 0
VMN_RETRY_MINUTES Time interval in minutes to resend email notifications 15
VMN_STOP_RETRY_HOURS Time interval in hours to stop sending a failed email notification Default 3 days 72
VMN_TEMPLATE Path where Voice Mail Email Notification template is located. This will be used to send voicemail email notifications upon receipt of a voicemail. Template name is VMNTemplate.xml C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Http\Templates\VMNTemplate.xml
VMPINREQUIRED Determines whether VM will ask for pin. By default it is 1. Set to 0 to access the VM menu directly(e.g. Hotel extensions). 1
WCS_PASSWORD Administrator Password used to access 3CX Web Conferencing Server
WCS_USER Administrator User Name used to access 3CX Web Conferencing Server
WEBSERVER Webserver used in 3CX Phone System ABYSS
WEBSERVERPASS The admin pass admin
WEBSERVERUSER The admin ID admin
WELCOME_EMAIL_EXT_AGENT Email body to be sent when a welcome email is sent to an external queue agent. Default is in English

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