Pricing ($)

3CX is priced as an annual licence/subscription which is based on the number of simultaneous calls required. As a rule of thumb, 1 sim. call per 3-4 extensions is sufficient, i.e. a company with 50 extensions would need a 16 sim. call licence. You can upgrade your subscription at any point in time by just paying the difference for the remaining period. If you prefer to buy a perpetual license and pay yearly maintenance, you can view pricing here.

See how 3CX pricing compares to that of other vendors on our Price Comparison Page.

 No. of Sim. Calls Standard Pro Enterprise
4 FREE 188 225
8 295 (Free 1st year) 369 443
16 675 (Free 1st year) 844 1,013
32 1,295 1,619 1,943
64 2,595 3,244 3,893
128 4,995 6,244 7,493
256 8,500 10,625 12,750
512 13,995 17,494 20,993
1024 23,995 29,994 35,993
Support Ticket – buy here 75 75 75
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Support Conditions

Support for 3CX annual licence subscriptions is purchased separately and is available via a 3CX Partner or directly from 3CX on a per ticket basis. Support is available where supported hardware and services are in use. Review our support procedure.

Terms and Conditions

FOB (End User) Internet excluding all taxes: All taxes such as royalty taxes, levies, duties, sales tax and VAT must be added to our prices and paid by the end users in their respective markets. Delivery of our software is done electronically and is activated by means of a licence key.