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Create Your Call Flows Visually

The graphical interface lets you put together the components of your voice application using drag and drop – rather than cumbersome scripting or programming! Visually design an application in hours rather than weeks. Your call flows can include control components such as conditions, loops and variables. When your call flow is ready and tested, simply upload it to 3CX.

Design your own voice applications with the 3CX Call Flow Designer
  • No programming required – drag & drop
  • Visually design application in hours
  • Include control components

Powerful Call Flow Building blocks

The Call Flow Designer includes ready to use building blocks that you can use in your call flows:

Design your own Call Flow with the ready to use Building blocks
  • Playback
  • Menu
  • User input
  • Record
  • Disconnect
  • Transfer
  • Database access
  • Email sender
  • Read / write to file
  • Code execution
  • HTTP requests
  • Sockets
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