3CX Sip Trunk Providers – Cyprus

These Cypriot SIP Trunk Providers have been tested and certified by 3CX. With no manual configuration required you can just plug and play your PBX with a SIP Trunk of your choice. Preferred SIP Trunk providers are tested against each build of 3CX. Both parties are committed to providing end-to-end support to Cypriot customers who choose to use the combination of 3CX with a preferred SIP Trunk.



MTN Cypriot VoIP Provider Provider MTN DTMF Support (RFC2833) Yes
Support Cooperation Yes IPV6 Ready No
Provider Type IP Based (Static Public IP Required) Online Sign-Up Possible? No
Fax Support Not working Online Trunk-Management Portal? No
SI Mode Yes – Static (Multi Account Support) Link to Support Document View
Clip No Screening Support No 302 Diversion Support No
Anonymous Calling Yes  Included in Auto-Testing No