3CX SIP Trunk Providers – Netherlands


brokerteam Brokerteam

Brokerteam is a young, fast growing company combining the strengths of multiple partners, carriers and software manufacturers. Our team has well over ten years of experience in providing telecom solutions and is devoted to delivering the best possible products to our partners. Every decision we make and every step we take towards reaching our mission is done with our core values and vision in mind.

MainGateMedia MainGateMedia

MainGate Media is a provider of phone services such as VoIP, mobile and telephone exchanges, as well as Internet connections such as fiber and DSL. With years of experience, the company provides businesses of all sizes with the right solution to meet their unique needs when it comes to their telephone systems and Internet and mobile needs. Customers of MainGate Media can rely on its staff’s expertise and commitment. MainGate Media’s reliable and cost-efficient communication products guarantee that businesses remain accessible 24/7.

imagesgood MOTTO Communications

Thousands of companies rely on Motto’s robust network for handling voice and data services. Thanks to Motto’s state-of-the-art communication solutions, they offer customers full control over their accessibility. All services are provided on a wholesale basis via a user-friendly partner portal. All products and services can be managed separately or in combination with optional support from their expert helpdesk.

imagesgood NuCall

NuCall is a dynamic and fast growing company that has developed into a leading provider of data and communication services. We believe in the power of an integrated customer approach. In NuCall you can admire all the disciplines in the field of data communication and telephony in one hand. From product development to customer service and advice to installation. In our product and service offerings, we are no less wide in scope. Whether you need a device or want to be facilitated in a broadband connection, or you are looking to create a modem installation or use of network consultancy: NuCall is your partner.

oneCentral oneCentral

Founded in 1997, oneCentral has committed itself to developing innovative and cost-saving communication solutions. The basis for its portfolio is the Callocate® platform. This routing and hosting environment is certified for Unify, NEC, Mitel, 3CX Skype and Microsoft, and is directly connected to international fixed and mobile operators. Dedicated to facilitating and supporting the voice solutions of its partners, oneCentral has proven itself as a stable provider of telecom solutions in business communications.

Partner-Netwerk - Ntherlands VoIP Provider Partner-Netwerk

Partner-Netwerk is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Benelux wholesale market. It is taking full advantage of the slowness of its large competitors, and the ongoing rapid developments in the telecom market. Partner-Netwerk uses an improved version of the partner model to develop strong partner relationships to increase partner sales and their customers’ satisfaction rating. Partner-Netwerk provides reliable wholesale IP services such as Internet (Fiber/Cable/DSL/4G/ISDN), IPTV and VoIP solutions such as white label SIP trunking, Cloud PBX and the 3CX Hosted services. 
imagesgood PrioNet

PrioNet operates since 2006 and provides high quality and innovative telecom and IP Communications for small to medium sized businesses.
vodafone Vodafone

We’ve come a long way since making the first ever mobile call in the UK on 1 January 1985. Today, more than 400 million customers around the world choose us. Vodafone understands that businesses need a communications partner with solutions that scale and adapt as their business needs change. They may need a few smart phones for voice and email on the move. Or they may require a fully integrated solution that enables sharing of documents, video conferencing and access to corporate applications from any location. Whatever their size and whatever their need, we are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to help our business customers grasp every opportunity in a simple and straightforward way.
imagesgood XeloQ Communications

The relatively young technique of making phone calls over the Internet was embraced by the founders of XeloQ Communications back in the summer of 2002. Milko van den Wollenberg and Tjapko Smits instantly saw great opportunities and possibilities for Internet based telephony and VoIP services and took the challenge to make this huge. Every day until now, their choice is still confirmed. Since 2004, XeloQ uses the SIP / VoIP technology.

ziggo logo Ziggo

Ziggo is the leading company for communications and entertainment services in the Netherlands. Ziggo provides 9.9 million services to its customers and more specifically to 4.2 million for television, 3.1 million for Internet and 2.6 million for fixed telephony services. Ziggo also provides mobile telephony services to 158.000 subscribers and owns more than 2 million WiFi Spots throughout the Netherlands.