Free SIP Phone for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS – 3CX Clients

3CX includes powerful softphones for Mac and Windows as well as smartphone clients for iOS and Android. Use your extension from anywhere with no additional cost and increase your productivity and mobility.

Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

The 3CX client is available for the following OS:

  • for Windows 7 and above – Download
  • for Android 4.X and higher – Download
  • for iOS 10, iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 6th generation, iPad 4th generation & iPad 2 and higher – Download
  • for Mac OS 10.10 and higher – Download

Although each platform requires its own version, the same 3CX client look and feel is maintained making it ever so easy for users to switch between versions offering a number of benefits, including:

  • CTI Support (only for Windows) control your desk phone through your desktop
  • Configure your own extension via email
  • Inbuilt SIP tunnel/proxy to avoid any remote firewall issues
  • PUSH notifications to save on battery life
  • Easily setup conference calls
  • SIP Forking – use all clients simultaneously
  • See the presence of your colleagues
  • Change your status from within the clients
  • Manage calls with the 3CX Switchboard
  • Integrate with popular CRM systems