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3CX Client for iOS Build History

The mentioned Change Log reflects all the major changes. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed. 3CX is constantly improving the product and may implement fixes prior to any official release.

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, October 2018

  • Full redesign of 3CX Chat. It’s look is now more messenger like.
  • “Chat” is now called “Messages”
  • Added an unread message counter.
  • Moved the “More” menu and replaced it with a slide-in navigation button located at the top left of the app.
  • Where the “More” menu previously was, “Messages” for easier access to 3CX Chat.
  • Added the ability to tap your avatar in the options menu to quickly navigate to the “Accounts” page.
  • Updated PJSIP to a newer version for much better IPV6 support.
  • The keypad is no longer useable if the network state is “No network”.
  • “Schedule Conference” is now called “Conference”
  • Reordered several of the list items in the options menu.
  • “QR Provisioning” has now been renamed to “Scan QR Code”
  • Fixed issues related to TLS  and no audio in a certain networking condition. (The fix has a server side dependency and so it will be available in the post SP6 3CX PBX Update)
  • Fixed several issues related to IPV6 when used with various transport modes.
  • Fixed issues related to contact sorting and downloading. Additional improvements will become available server side with the follow up version to PBX SP6.
  • Removed the “i” help icon from all menus.

3CX Client for iOS BETA V15.5, August 2018

  • Added OPUS codec
  • Support for upcoming V15.5 SP6 PUSH
  • Faster launch and reconnect
  • Faster and smoother Recents display
  • Added Apple’s UI refresh control in Recents (by swiping-holding down the list)
  • Fixed wrong call start/connect duration in Recents
  • Fixed New Contact button in Contacts not being shown sometime when account reconnects or changed
  • Fixed status custom message being wrongly cleared when status updates
  • Fixed Presence/Contacts search bar remaining “hidden” sometimes
  • Minor fix in color themes
  • Removed HU and SV translations

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, June 2018

  • Improved the  PUSH functionality when “also ring my mobile” is enabled
  • Addressed audio issues for certain Bluetooth devices
  • In some cases a GSM call would automatically be put on hold for an incoming SIP call
  • Fixed first/lastname/company being lost when creating a new contact and swiping the list up.
  • Fixed two potential crashes in SIP engine
  • Fixed lost “device-assignable” app flag
  • Updated display’s connection status appearance
  • Updated translations

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, May 2018

  • Faster push call ending when call is answered elsewhere
  • Fixed bridges/groups refresh/sorting in Presence
  • Fixed Speaker button not working on iOS 11.3 if jack-headphones are used
  • Fixed a crash which may occur when declining a push call
  • Fxed a crash which may occur in iOS 11.3 on audio route selector
  • Fixed a crash in the SIP engine
  • Better bluetooth CallKit integration with 3rd party music players (like Spotify)
  • Added “no ringtone” audio option

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, May 2018

  • PUSH is faster and incoming calls are displayed quicker
  • Added Add Contact menu item in Recents list
  • Added Call via GSM menu item in Contact details
  • Added View Options in Presence
  • Added “tweet” if a GSM/FaceTime call is incoming while in a SIP call
  • Added extended color theme support
  • Added compatibility for upcoming SP5 (not yet released)
  • Fixed device contacts eMails being stripped by dash (if any) when imported
  • Fixed a crash in Conference view
  • Fixed PBX recording file not being generated sometimes due to extension name
  • Fixed bridged extensions missing or not handled properly in Presence, Chat and Contact details
  • Fixed device contacts not being shown when SIP is registered but MyPhone connection is down
  • Fixed duplicate private conference partners when invited from Presence
  • Fixed name truncation in Recents, in order to keep phone number readable
  • Fixed iOS untranslated tags in device contact details
  • Fixed Contact view’s image partially hidden by navigation bar
  • Fixed New/Edit Contact view’s image partially hidden by navigation bar
  • Fixed presence of double quotes in SIP display name
  • Fixed handling of missing SIP display name
  • Limited chat message max length to 1000 characters
  • Updated translations

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, March 2018

  • Fixed incoming PUSH (calls, chat, missed calls) sometimes being ignored and not displayed
  • Fixed a bug which programmatically disabled PUSH (call, chat, missed calls)
  • Fixed PUSH call continues to ring sometimes after call ends
  • Fixed call back from missed call notifications
  • Fixed wrong matching for extensions starting with 00
  • Fixed DTMF type not being updated when set manually in account profile
  • Fixed Divert to Voicemail button for incoming calls not working always
  • Fixed Speaker button not showing always that the speaker is active
  • Fixed Record button not showing sometime that the call is being recorded
  • Fixed Welcome Email profile not always being imported
  • Fixed Apple keyboard not being dismissed when expected to
  • Fixed read-only Company Phonebook contacts appearing as editable
  • Fixed critical memory leak
  • Fixed high CPU usage sometime by Presence
  • Fixed issues in network’ background connectivity
  • Fixed activity not stopping always when entering background mode
  • Fixed some cases when audio get lost when switching to GSM call
  • Fixed some cases when audio get lost after call established
  • Fixed audio interaction with device’s Media Player
  • Fixed remote party’s avatar not being shown when answering incoming PUSH call
  • Fixed call duration not always being shown when call ends
  • Added 302 Diversion Header option in Forward to My Mobile rules
  • Send eMail to scheduled conference participants
  • Improved answering PUSH calls from locked screen
  • Improved chat composer bar
  • Improved default image in Contacts details
  • Improved active conference handling
  • Improved touch area for display’s accounts
  • Updated chat and missed call notifications to iOS10+
  • Support for iOS11+ Smart Invert Colors
  • Updated translations

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, January 2018

  • Reverted conference handling to pre-SP2 (with small UI fixes)
  • Allow chat keyboard to be dismissed by swiping down
  • Faster number/contact matching
  • Improved IPv6 tunnel support
  • Greatly reduced app size, to only ~9MB
  • Fixed critical app freezing when launched, dialing or answering push call due to large amount of contacts
  • Fixed critical date/time error on non-english devices set to AM/PM\
  • Fixed critical memory leak when handling contacts
  • Fixed app not making the call when invoked first time from other apps
  • Fixed unnecessary requests for contacts sent to PBX
  • Fixed number/contact matching (especially for mobile numbers)
  • Fixed audio getting lost sometimes on incoming calls
  • Fixed app freezing briefly when first touchtone is to be played
  • Fixed mail and date validation when scheduling a conference
  • Fixed email duplication when editing one in a scheduled conference
  • Updated translations

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, December 2017

  • Fix for date/time handling on non-english devices set to AM/PM
  • Fix for app freezing when launched, dialing or answering push call due to large amount of contacts
  • Fix of memory leak when handling contacts
  • Fixed app not making the call when invoked first time from other apps
  • Fixed app freezing briefly when first touchtone is to be played
  • Fixed unnecessary requests for contacts sent to PBX
  • Fixed number/contact matching (especially for mobile numbers)
  • Faster number/contact matching
  • Reverted conference handling to, pre-SP2 (with small UI fixes)
  • Updated French translation

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, December 2017

  • Improvement: The in-call “Conference” button now gives organizers access to the “Active Conferences” screen.
  • Improvement: Restricted access to the “Active Conferences” screen from participants as this is an organizer feature.
  • Improvement: Added the “X” button used to end the entire conference back to the UI.
  • Improvement: General in-call conferencing UI improvements and changes and restrictions.
  • Known Issue: “Conference” button after dialing 700 & following conference creation instructions will not activate to allow the user to manage his conference.
  • Known Issue: “Conference” button after dialing 700**YourExtNumber will not activate to allow the user to manage his conference.

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, November 2017

  • Added Call Quality indicator on the display0
  • Added support for QR provisioning (require V15.5 SP2)
  • Added support for pause/resume call recording (require V15.5 SP1)
  • Added forward to ring group/queues voicemail feature (require V15.5 SP2)
  • Added IPv6 support for tunnel
  • Fixed wrong “no microphone” indication shown sometimes when answering a push call
  • Fixed app freezing/crashing sometimes when coming to foreground or answering a push call
  • Fixed app freezing/crashing sometimes when toggling accounts
  • Fixed CallKit handling of SIP failures
  • Fixed Call Failed sound being lost persistently sometimes
  • Fixed audio route selector not being always shown on iOS11
  • Fixed keyboard/scrolling in Chat window
  • Fixed keyboard/scrolling and iOS11 layout issue in New Contact window
  • Fixed tap selection/disclosure in Settings/Accounts window
  • Fixed some device contacts not being listed properly in Contacts
  • Fixed chat sound wrongly playing for blocked users
  • Fixed wrong Call Mobile translation in Contact details
  • Fixed minor iOS11 compatibility issues
  • Fixed minor iPad Pro split screen layout issues
  • Fixed minor iPhone X layout issuesImproved chat composer in Chat window.
  • Improved tap on display’s MyPhone status indicator
  • Improved Recents icons
  • Updated translations

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, July 2017

  • Fixed client wrongly auto-answering sometime ring/queue calls
  • Fixed a very old random crash occurring when closing the Accounts view
  • Fixed brief disconnection due to appearance of APIPA (169.254.x.x) local interface
  • Fixed SIP FQDN resolver
  • Fixed PlayFile and RecordFile incoming calls not being handled via push
  • Fixed app becoming unresponsive when there are many extensions
  • Fixed own contact image not being retrieved sometimes from PBX
  • Fixed own contact image not being shown sometimes in chat history
  • Fixed external numbers in Voicemails not being matched with device’s contacts
  • Fixed iPad incoming calls view on landscape mode
  • Fixed groups not being sorted properly sometimes
  • Fixed incorrect sorting for international languages
  • Added support to show a Favorites group in Presence
  • Removed unused account settings from user interface
  • Hide “More”s Re-Register, Resend Credentials and Re-Provision options when no account
  • Show the “welcome message” in Accounts if there are no account files
  • Improved Presence list appearance
  • Updated translations

3CX Client for iOS V15.5, May 2017

  • Added support for contact images – requires PBX V15.5
  • Added long press on status image/icon to quickly set profile status messages
  • Added Trash button to delete call history
  • Presence view is displayed and sorted by extension (Extension+Name)
  • Proper default keyboard type (numeric, ASCII, email) for editable fields
  • Moved to More page Help, Re-Register, Send Welcome e-mail and Re-provision
  • Delete Contact button moved to Contacts Details view
  • Fixed date header in chat messages which was wrongly filtering
  • Fixed caller name in Voicemails
  • Fixed heard/unheard in Voicemails
  • Fixed chat sounds being played while app is on chat view
  • Fixed updating of extension’s Mobile and e-mail
  • Fixed Company and Personal Phonebook entries which could not be editable
  • Fixed bug due to Re-provisioning
  • Fixed issue when exiting app leaving registration stale hanging for 2 mins.
  • Fixed crash related to push via chat.
  • Fixed chat message time visible on iPad
  • Fixed Auto-rotation issue in Chats view on iPad
  • Fixed swiping left to see chat message’s time wrongly allowed to swipe right
  • Fixed chat party overlapping chat date in chats
  • Fixed resents numbers which was not always being matched
  • Fixed Recordings numbers not being matched
  • Fixed contact matching when calling from device’s Contacts/Recent
  • Fixed provisioning ignoring and importing empty parameters in the .xml
  • Fixes and improvements related to CallKit
  • Updated translations for TR, ZH, JA, LA, DA

3CX Client for iOS V15, April 2017

  • 3CX client is now named 3CX
  • Added support for IPv6 (requires V15)
  • Added support for push chat messages (requires V15)
  • Added support to show Queue/Ring prefix on incoming push call (requires V15)
  • Added support for x-call-control (requires V15)
  • Added support to don’t display “Missed call” push notification when call was ended elsewhere (requires V15)
  • Added keyboard and edit/copy/paste support on display
  • Added extensions in the Contacts
  • Added support for multiple eMails and mobile phones in Contact detail
  • Added Swipe Left in chat messages to show message’s time
  • Added CS, JA, NB, PT translations
  • Fixed translation strings
  • Fixed call not being put on hold when accepting an incoming GSM call
  • Fixed Conference button being disabled when call is answered via push
  • Fixed Company Phonebook contact wrongly appearing as editable when user doesn’t have rights
  • Fixed chat sound played when no real new chat is present
  • Fixed date/times not being shown according to device’s time localized format
  • Fixed help links
  • Fixed Chat composer system’s keyboard not showing Autocompletion/Prediction option
  • Fixed SIP remote display name not being shown if myPhone extension name is empty
  • Fixed contacts not being matched if they contain only “email” or “pager”, “other”, “business fax”, “home fax” mobile numbers
  • Fixed PnP crash when No Accounts
  • Fixed potential crash in the tunnel
  • Fixed potential crash when reading device phonebook
  • Fixed minor UI inconsistencies

3CX Client for iOS V15, January 2017

  • Fixed calls disconnecting after 30 seconds
  • App crash fixed when call rejected from lock screen
  • Show DTMF digits entered on display
  • Fixed issue in Chat notification sounds
  • Callkit handling of hold and resume
  • Duplicate calls when calling from device’s Contacts/Recents

3CX Client for iOS V15, December 2016

  • Fixed missing audio and bad UI display for *20*
  • Fixed missing audio for group paging
  • Fixed missing audio for early media processing gateways
  • Fixed Voicemails not being properly sorted when updated
  • Fixed playback controls not being shown on iPad in Voicemails/Recordings
  • Fixed speaker reverting sometimes to receiver
  • Fixed phone appearing as “Not Registered” due to PnP broadcast
  • Fixed several potential crashes which may occur when app is in the background

3CX Client for iOS V15, November 2016

  • Supported iOS versions 10.0 and higher
  • Added CallKit support – Now calls can be answered from locked screen
  • Added G729 low bandwidth audio codec
  • Provisioning of Audio Codec takes priority
  • Provisioning of DTMF type
  • New UI design
  • Tap on pic to switch profile status
  • Optimized connectivity and performance
  • Lowered touch tone volum
  • Fixed bug when participants are added in chat
  • Crash when device is rotated
  • Fixed resizing isssues on iPad caused by split screen feature
  • Crash in Contacts view when app goes to background

3CX Client for iOS V15, 15.1.1 August 2016

  • Application starts up faster making app more responsive
  • Faster dialing and redialing of phone numbers
  • App connects and syncs contacts with 3CX Phoner System faster

3CX Client for iOS V14 14.2.17 May 2016

  • Fixed a bug in the HTTP communication channel

3CXPhone for iOS V14 14.6.16 March 2016

  • Fixed issue on UTF languages input on chat
  • Fixed issue with PNP request when no account configured
  • Fixed application crash due to Copy/Paste a number from Call History
  • Fixed application crash due placing the phone to background from Settings page and then revive to foreground
  • Fixed registration when setting the phone to background and then revive client to foreground
  • Fixed issue and crashes when switching from one WiFi to another
  • Fixed issue when a call answers from Push
  • Fixed deadlock issue when a Queue call answered via Push
  • Fixed issue with duplicate codecs while the priority changed or disabled
  • Improved startup procedure due to auto-provisioning method
  • Improved re-initialize method when application is in background
  • Re-provision button added
  • Add new account button has been removed
  • Avoid useless reconnection attempts on unauthenticated WiFi and show “No network”

3CXPhone for iOS V14 14.0.74 December 2015

  • Ability to remain Away or in Do Not Disturb mode for 15 min. After this period, your status will be automatically set to Available. Requires 3CX Phone System Version 14 SP2
  • Added webmeeting QuickLink icon to launch 3CX WebMeeting App
  • Removed the Copy WebRTC link icon from top-right corner of the display
  • Fixed bug of phone changing profile to “In a GSM Call” when you receive a GSM call and not changing status back to Available

3CXPhone for iOS V14 14.0.54 August 2015


  • Optimized for iPhone6 and iPhone6+
  • Updated icons for retina display
  • Call duration shown only for established calls


  • Fixed incoming push notifications wrongly marked as “missed calls”
  • Fixed Resume a held call while in attended transfer mode
  • Search now working in Contacts and Presence
  • Fixed Contacts from Add Conference not being shown on iPad
  • Crash when wrong ports are specified in the account profile
  • Fixed Recordings not being shown due to the missing of caller’s name
  • Fixed crashes on iOS 9 beta
  • Fixed connection via http to 3CX Presence server

3CXPhone for iPhone V12 12.1.4 June 2014


  • Allow Users to edit Profile Custom Status Message when forwarding rules are disabled
  • Group Chat
  • Support for deleting of chat messages
  • Audio notification for incoming chat messages
  • Block / unblock users from chatting with you


  • Play on Phone in Voicemail section
  • Play on Phone in Recordings section
  • UI issue when deleting a recording
  • Issue when a call is answered from push notification

3CXPhone for iPhone V12 12.1.3 May 2014


  • Added ability to set Profile status by long-pressing the status field on display
  • Adding a contact to company phonebook
  • Added extra data (mobile, fax, pager) for a personal/company phonebook contact
  • Added SIP log file support


  • UI Changes
  • Fixed crash when adding a contact to the personal phonebook
  • Fixed crash occurring after checking voicemails from display icon
  • Fixed presence in 3CX Phone System Cloud Server
  • Updated all help links

3CXPhone for iPhone V12 12.1.0 March 2014


  • Added iOS7 support and fixed compatibility issues, mostly UI-related
  • Fixed bug in push-notifications caused by APNS issue
  • Fixed bug causing high CPU usage
  • Fixed display when profile name contains foreign characters
  • Fixed bug in “Incoming call” notifications not showing correctly
  • Fixed SDP issues in INVITE
  • Fixed no audio issue when iOS device is connected via VPN
  • Added G722 codec
  • Added TCP transport
  • Added HTTPS support for Plug and Play (For 3CX Phone System Cloud Version)
  • Improved app performance

3CXPhone for iPhone V12 Beta 12.0.5 August 6 2013


  • New Scheduled Conferences with iCalendar support
  • Transfer dialog also allows transfer via 3CX Presence and contacts
  • Added localization for DE,IT,FR,RU,GR (full translation)
  • Added localization for BG,DK,ES,NL, (EN subsidized)


  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

3CXPhone for iPhone V12 Beta July 11 2013

  • New:Ability to see forwarding destination in presence
  • New:Support the 3CX VoIP Tunnel
  • Fixed: some issues in call transfer
  • Fixed: some issues in voice mail

3CXPhone for iPhone V12 Beta June 27 2013

  • Added: Make and receive VoIP calls via 3CX Phone System 12
  • Added: Setup conference calls easily
  • Added: See the presence of your colleagues
  • Added: Multi Line
  • Added: Corporate instant messaging
  •  Added: Configure call forwarding from your iPhone
  • Added: Set your presence status
  • Added: Centralized call history
  • Added: Configure the iPhone client via email in seconds
  • Added: Blind and attended call transfers
  • Added: Place calls on hold
  • Added: Playback voice mail through the client
  • Added: iField help links added which provide help for each feature
  • Added: Add and delete personal contacts from the phonebook
  • Added: Record calls and play them back on the client

Build version 1.1.5 April 2012

  • Added: 3CX Tunnel Support. For this to work a separate app is needed – 3CX Tunnel for iPhone
  • Added: HD G722 Codec
  • Added: Bluetooth Support for Bluetooth headsets (no pickup function in iOS)
  • Added: Message Waiting indicator MWI and click to access Voicemails
  • Added: Call duration is displayed after each call
  • Added: Redial a number via GSM from Call History
  • Added: Alphanumeric support in keyboard for direct SIP calls
  • Added: Ability to convert ‘+’ sign into any configurable value
  • Added: Fast switching toggle to switch between profiles – In Office, Out of office (Tunnel) and SiP Account
  • Added: A new profile called SiP Account. This is mainly designed for advanced users
  • Added: Tapping on the account name will offer a) Edit Account b) Switch Profile
  • Added: Exposed SiP Messages to the main screen show more information. E.g. 503 Service Unavailable
  • Added: Ability to enable/disable speaker during an active call
  • Added: Enabled paging support
  • Added: Swipe to answer call
  • Improved: Overall speed and GUI response is now faster
  • Fixed: Handling of proximity sensor when phone is not in a call
  • Fixed: Swipe will not cause key to be lit constantly
  • Fixed: Touchtones are played during call (DTMF) and improved speed response
  • Fixed: If a VoIP Call is interrupted by a GSM call or by media playing, the call will resume correctly afterwards
  • Fixed: The phone book prefix will not be added for numbers that are below 5 digits.
  • Fixed: Removed extra re-registration requests
  • Fixed: Bug in domain addresses that contain ‘-’
  • Fixed: Bug in routing of audio during active call. Now the audio is routed correctly and if a new default playback audio device becomes active, the audio will be routed to this device on the fly.

Build version 1.1.4 November 2011

  • New: Support for iOS 5 (Notification Center must be enabled manually)
  • New: Echo Cancellation
  • Added: Toggle for In/Out of Office settings
  • Added: Implemented start-up screen
  • Added: Improved SIP engine for better audio and call routing handling
  • Added: Improved GSM Call Handling
  • Added: Audio playback stops on incoming call and resumes after call is completed
  • Added: Support for non UTF-8 characters
  • Added: Perform re-registration when changes are detected in WiFi/3G Networks
  • Added: Notification when phone is unregistered
  • Added: Notification for missed calls
  • Added: Profile name will be provisioned (EXT@autoprov)
  • Added: Added display name in provisioning
  • Added: Recording exchange via iTunes
  • Fixed: Bug in handling of calls when PBX port is not 5060
  • Fixed: Bug in Un-Registration of the phone
  • Fixed: Keypad sounds are routed to earpiece after first call
  • Fixed: Ringing sounds are routed to earpiece after first call
  • Fixed: Bug in stun resolution causing application to hang on start-up
  • Fixed: Bug in provisioning when SIP port is not 5060
  • Fixed: Duplicate INVITE when make/hold/retrieve calls
  • Fixed: Proximity sensor now works only during an active call

Build version 1.0.23 March 2011

  • Fix: Improved handling of profiles
  • Fix: App terminates correctly when “Exit” used
  • Fix: Unregister SIP connection on EXIT
  • Fix: Improved usage of STUN requests
  • Fix: App doesn’t crash when no network is available or lost
  • Fix: “-” in Russian and US numbers will be removed automatically
  • Fix: “Server Port” is used in Invites
  • New: Multitask Option based on “Force Activ”
  • New: Automatically re-registers based on rPort/received (SIP Helper)
  • New: NAT Helper Toggle
  • New: Automatically un- and re-register in case of contact changes
  • New: Names for a profiles can be set
  • New: On transfers parter will be hold
  • New: Perform re-register in 120 sec. interval

Build version 1.0.21 January 2011

  • Fix: Overall handling and performance improved
  • Fix: Spaces in phone-book numbers do not cause crash of application
  • Fix: “()” in phone-book numbers (Exchange) will be converted automatically
  • Fix: SIP Extension ID and Auth ID can be different now
  • Fix: App will not crash when configuration of profile is incomplete or faulty
  • Fix: Improved handling of profile-filenames
  • Fix: Improved handling of status-bar
  • Fix: Keypad sounds where not more played after first call
  • Fix: App terminates correctly when using “Exit”
  • New: Added Support for TCP Transport (1.0.22)
  • New: Mute MIC while preforming a transfer (1.0.22)
  • New: Toggle for internal or external server (1.0.22)
  • New: SIP: Extension ID and Auth ID can be provisioned
  • New: SIP: Configurable SIP-Server/PBX Port
  • New: SIP: Configurable SIP-Proxy Server (“Server:Port” can be used to set Proxy to different port)
  • New: SIP: Configurable local SIP-Port (default 5060)
  • New: SIP: Configurable local first RTP-Port (default 4000)
  • New: Address-book: “+” can be converted to 00 via toggle (default ON)
  • New: Address-book: Automatic prefix for calls can set to match outbound rules of PBX (default blank)

Build version 1.0.15  November 2010 (release)

This version was tested with the following iPhone phones: 3G, 3GS, 4G, iPod Touch 3G

  • Added transfer mechanism
  • Added Hold / resume support
  • Added provisioning works with 3CX Phone System version 9
  • Added network topology recognition making use of internal and external
    server options. (direct switching)
  • Added codec priority and codec disabling
  • Added multiple profiles
  • Added Bluetooth support
  • Added Proximity sensor recognition
  • Added music playback

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