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3CX Call Flow Designer Build History

The mentioned Change Log reflects all the major changes. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed. 3CX is constantly improving the product and may implement fixes prior to any official release.

Version 15.0.5447, Build 5447, October 2018

-Database Access component was not able to use MS SQL Server databases on Linux.

Version 15.0.5433, Build 5433, March 2018

– New regions for Amazon’s Polly TTS engine.
– Date range to Date & Time conditional component.
– New CFD Function CONTAINS.
– New Record and Email component, allows recording audio from the caller and sending it attached to an email message.

– EMail Sender component was not properly sending attachments after upgrade to 3CX v15.5 SP4.
– EMail Sender component was not properly sending HTML body after upgrade to 3CX v15.5 SP3.
– EQUAL function was returning false when comparing an Int32 and an Int64 holding the same numeric value.
– The flow execution logic now executes the Disconnect Handler flow when the call is dropped by the app when all components from the main flow have been executed.
– Dialers variables were not being reset to default values for each dialer cycle, keeping history from previous runs.

Version 15.0.5421, Build 5421, November 2017

– Amazon’s Polly TTS engine for Text to Speech Audio Prompts.
– New dialer mode called “Predictive Dialer”.

– The automatic conversion of DID filters to string when using the Date & Time Conditional component, to avoid issues if the numbers are entered without quotes.

– Fixed a bug causing components not to have default/return values when initialized.
– Fixed a bug where constant strings containing carriage return chars e.g: “\r” would cause compilation issues.

Version 15.0.5418, Build 5418, September 2017

– New 3CX Get DN Property component allows reading configuration parameters from DN objects.
– New 3CX Set DN Property component allows writing configuration parameters to DN objects.
– New 3CX Get Global Property component allows reading global configuration parameters from 3CX.
– New 3CX Set Global Property component allows writing global configuration parameters to 3CX.
– New 3CX Get Extension Status component, allows getting the extension current profile (considering overrides), and checks if the extension is in a call or not.
– New 3CX Get Queue Extensions component, allows getting the list of extensions for a specific queue, considering if the agent is logged in or not to that queue.
– New Date Time Conditional component, to execute different branches depending on the date and time, and also selecting DIDs.
– New Authentication component, to request ID and PIN, iterating on errors, and validating the customer against the desired data source.
– New Credit Card component, to request Credit Card Number, Expiration Date and Security Code, iterating on errors, and validating the info against the desired data source.
– New Web Service REST component, to execute REST web services and easily handling different authentication methods.
– New session variable “session.transferingExtension” tells the extension that transferred the call to this app, if any. Useful to transfer the call back to that extension.
– New CFD Functions to operate with long numeric arguments: SUM_LONG, MULTIPLY_LONG, DIVIDE_LONG, NEGATIVE_LONG, ABS_LONG.
– New CFD Functions GET_LIST_ITEM_COUNT and GET_LIST_ITEM, allow getting information from the lists returned by the new component “3CX Get Queue Extensions”.

– Custom components now are instantiated when they’re going to be used, instead of doing it when the call starts. This reduces memory usage a lot in apps having
lots of components.

– CFD Functions LEFT, MID and RIGHT now consider that the specified count can be out of the bounds of the string.
REPLACE, UPPER, LOWER and LEN now consider that arguments might be null.
– Email Sender component was not working properly when SSL and TLS was disabled.
– Email Sender component was not accepting variables to define attachment locations.
– Custom components are now re-initialized before execution, so in case of executing a component in loop, it always starts with default values.
– Variable session.callId now contains the entire 3CX Call ID, useful to match this info against the CDRs for example.
– Updated libraries System.Net.Http.dll and 3cxpscomcpp2.dll to the latest versions used in the 3CX server.
– Database component was escaping double quote in SQL Statement in a wrong way.
– Fixed a CPU leak issue caused by dropped calls in a busy PBX environment.

Version 15.0.5408, Build 5408, June 2017

  • New Logger component allows writing text to the log file, very useful for debugging purposes.


  • Email Sender component properly validates mandatory fields.
  • Email Sender component was setting the sender name to “From” instead of the sender address.
  • Callflow and component variables can be initialized using session variables.
  • Expression Editor was considering a wrong number of parameters in expressions having a comma inside a constant string value.
  • When the compilation finishes with warnings or messages (not errors), the Error List window is kept open.
  • Email Sender component now can be configured using 3CX server settings, no need to re-enter connection info again in that case.

Version 15.0.5403, Build 5403, May 2017


  • Compatibility with 3CX v15.5.
  • Voice apps can run in both Windows and Linux, hosted or on-premise.
  • The CFD compiles the apps to a .NET Core DLL, which means they run faster and scale better.
  • The CFD now can be used to create Dialers, and launch outbound calls automatically.
  • New Make Call component allows making outbound calls.
  • More information of the call being handled, like DID and 3CX Call ID.


  • Quick refactoring, renaming a component renames all references to it.
  • The Expression Editor allows entering a constant string value.
  • The Prompt Collection Editor was re-designed.
  • The HTTP Request component now is more versatile, allows sending custom content and headers.


  • Printing capabilities.
  • Inbuilt debugger.
  • TTS support – will be added back later.
  • ODBC databases support.
  • Ability to execute Javascript. Replaced by .NET Core C# code.
  • Licensing activation and validation – the CFD is now FREE. Apps require a PRO/ENT key to run.

Version 14.0.4141, Build 4141, December 2015


  • The deployment package feature is available in the free edition too.
  • The deployment package feature now creates a ZIP file containing everything.
  • When the External Code Execution component returns a boolean value, it is processed properly.

Version 14.0.4125, Build 4103, November 2015


  • 3CX Cloud Server and 3CX Virtual PBX Server are now supported.
  • The EMail Sender Component now allows specifying if the body is HTML or plain text.


  • ODBC connections to MySQL failure because of charset.
  • When configuring a Dynamic Audio File Prompt, the first ‘move directory up’ directive was not being considered.

Version 14.0.4103.0, Build 4103, July 2015


  • 3CX VAD is compatible with 3CX Phone System versions 12.5 & 14
  • 3CX VAD must be installed  on the same machine as the 3CX server
  • Deployments to cloud installations are no longer possible


  • If the activation extension has a leading zero, it is deployed to the right extension including the leading zero.


  • Now the PBX parameters (install location, configuration port, user and password) are read from the configuration file (because the VAD is always installed in the 3CX server), avoiding unnecessary configurations for the project.

Version 12.5.3951.0, Build 3951 , February 19 2015


  • App and installer signed with new certificate.


  • Support for 3CX Phone System v12.5.
  • Ability to specify the SIP port used for 3CX Cloud Server deployments.
  • Ability to configure the HTTP and HTTPS ports used by 3CX Phone System.
  • The Text To Speech prompt allows setting the speech rate.
  • The web interaction component allows configuring any HTTP method (GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, or OPTIONS).


  • Support for 3CX Phone System 8, 9 and 10.


  • The deployment package also works with 3CX version 11.

Version 12.0.3929.0, Build 3929, December 1 2014


  • When the VAD builds a project and the Output\Release or Output\Debug folders don’t exist, it creates them.
  • Now a new folder “Deployment” is created into the project folder, in order to create deployment packages in there by default.


  • Now every DLL into the Libraries folder is deployed within the project. This avoids problems when using some DLL with dependencies to other DLLs.
  • Issue when deploying applications to “localhost”.
  • Now when the deployment fails for any reason, the VAD will show the detailed error description to the user. Before the fix, sometimes the error was being ignored.
  • The expression editor now works well with expressions having more than 8 parameters.
  • Debug now works well when the project name contains spaces.


  • Now the VAD can deploy applications to 3CX Cloud Server.
  • The email sender component now allows configuration of the server port and set if the connection has to use SSL or not.
  • Ability to deploy the same call flow to many extensions at a time, specifying the ActivationExtension property as [FROM_EXT]-[TO_EXT]

Version 12 Build 12.3881,  September 4th   2013


  • Support for 3CX version 12. Now the default PBX version is v12.
  • Ability to configure the SIP port number to use when transferring calls (default value 5060).


  • Some context menu options were not visible when some .NET Language pack was installed

Version 3 Build 3853,  December 7th 2012


  • Server side ASPX files now generate VXML files including the XML declaration and UTF-8 encoding.
  • Resolved issues with some expressions used for “text to speech”.
  • The compilation output for the web service interaction component was generating a statement “CompilerHelper.CreateXmlDocument()” instead of “new XmlDocument()”.

Version 3 Build 3839, September 26th  2012


  • Shortcut keys for the commands “Build All”, “Deploy”, “Create Deployment Package”, and “Start Debugging” added.


  • Problem with some expressions used for “text to speech” are now resolved.
  • Files are saved using UTF-8 encoding.

Version 3 Build 3821, July 17th 2012


  • VAD function “REPLACE”, allows replacing text with another text.
  • VAD function “REPLACE_REG_EXP”, allows replacing text matching a regexp with another text.
  • Text to speech functionality using Microsoft Speech APIs.
  • Create Deployment Package functionality.


  • The EMailSenderComponent leaves the server credentials empty when they are not specified.
  • License activation issue: when activating a 3CX VAD key on the same PC where 3CX Phone System is installed, it will no longer change 3CX Phone System to the free edition. This fix now requires that the VAD is launched with admin privileges.
  • Record component now supports saving a file using absolute paths.
  • E-mail sender component now supports sending attachments using absolute paths.
  • File management component now supports using files with absolute paths.


  • Now the URI property in the WebInteraction Component is an expression, so it can be dynamically created.
  • Now the URI and WebServiceName properties in the WebServicesInteraction Component are expressions, so they can be dynamically created.
  • Project file version moved from 1.0 to 1.1 and added automatic changes to WebInteraction and WebServicesInteraction components in order to treat current values as constant string expressions.
  • The Expression Editor now shows help about VAD function fields.

Build 3681 Version 2.0.3681.0, April 24th 2012


  • License activation procedure changes.

Build 3679 Version 2.0.3679.0,  July 28th 2011


  • Ability to configure prompts with dynamically generated file names (using expressions).
  • Better logs when an error occurs on server side execution.


  • Problem with drag and drop of some components.
  • Problem when sending boolean parameters to a .NET library object using an External Code Execution component.
  • Problem when deploying projects to a 3CX Phone System installation with no tenants (invalid PBX version)


  • Default PBX version is 3CX Phone System v10.

Build 3659 Version 2.0.3663.0, April 4th 2011


  • Deployment support for 3CX Phone System version 10.


  • When an expression contains open or closed parentheses into a constant string value, they were being treated as function parentheses and the parsing result was not right.
  • Deployment problem when using IIS web server.

Build 3659 Version 2.0.3659.0, January 18th 2011


  • When a custom component is deleted, it is automatically disabled everywhere it is being used.
  • Debug visualization problem when debugging loops.
  • When the project loading fails, user defined components are removed from the toolbox, avoiding duplicates.
  • Invalid characters for XML are now ignored, allowing loading the project and files even after format transformations and network travel.
  • GET_TABLE_ROW_COUNT function now returns the right value when the table is empty.
  • Changes to the encoding during file saving and project deployment, in order to fix invalid characters problems.
  • E-Mail Sender component does not validate correctly constant e-mail addresses for domain names starting with numbers.
  • External Code Execution parameters now are sent in the right order to .NET libraries (before this change, they were being sent in alphabetical order).
  • XML return values are now well handled by every component (for example, when returning an XML as a string from an External Code Execution component).
  • File names containing dots are now well handled by the debugger.
  • Bridge transfer mode removed from the Transfer component.
  • NullReference exception fix when pressing OK in the Expression Editor form when “VAD Expression” is selected, but no function has been selected from the drop down box.


  • Deployment properties were simplified. Now the user only needs to select the web server that is being used by the 3CX installation, then all the parameters are automatically configured (port, URL, etc.). Project properties have been changed, but the project files are compatible assuming the default value.
  • New installer package.

Build Version 2.0.3559, January 29th 2010


  • E-Mail Sender component that allows to configure the behavior when there are missing attachment files.
  • E-Mail Sender component can cause a runtime error, or ignore that condition and send the e-mail without the attachment if it is missing. The new property has been added to the component, the configuration form, the compiler, and the template.
  • Variable project$.WorkingDirectory$ added containing the directory where the project has been deployed. Note: Requires updated server side components (installed with the 3CX Phone System version 8.0.10824).

Build Version 2.0.3555, November 29th 2009


  • SIP port for transfer component is now configurable.
  • Problem getting debug information files when the project name contains underscores characters
  • Runtime problems when the project name contains spaces
  • Record component was not saving the audio file properly on call hangup during recording

Build Version 2.0.3549, November 11th 2009

IMPORTANTVersion 8.9908 of 3CX Phone System is required for this version of the VAD


  • Error message when tenants can not be detected during deployment
  • Visibility for variables project$.CurrentErrorName$ and project$.CurrentErrorDescription$ in the error handler flow
  • Database Access configuration form controls layout on form resize
  • Web Services Interaction component runtime error when invoking a web service with a void return value

Build Version 2.0.3533, October 2nd 2009


  • Added support for mp3 audio files


  • Change deployment component to use local audio files instead of fetching them every time from a web server (performance improvement)


  • support for version 7.1
  • server components installer
  •  Beta labels and beta period removed


  • Bug when setting a SQL statement with multiple lines (runtime error fixed)
  • Bug when stepping out with the debugger in an empty flow (i.e. an empty disconnect handler flow)

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