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Configuring the Time Zone on IP Phones

PLEASE NOTE: This blog post is only applicable for 3CX Phone System v12.5 and lower.

3CX Phone System includes functionality to easily set the Time Zone and DST (Daylight Savings Time) parameters on phones via provisioning. By default, 3CX Phone System is configured for US Eastern Time. You can manage Time Zone settings from the 3CX Management Console in the “Settings->Phone Provisioning” page.

Time Server

The default value for “Time Server” is “”. This is a public FQDN, and therefore your phone will need access to “” for it to be able to retrieve the correct base time. For most setups, this is usually sufficient. You can change this value to some other public FQDN or IP Address, if the phone has access to the internet for the NTP protocol.

Alternatively, you can set this to some internal FQDN or IP Address. Please refer to this article for further details:

Time Zone for the Different Models

For each of the different provision-able phone brands, you can select the appropriate Time Zone value from the drop-downs. The example above is for US Mountain Time.

Daylight Savings Time

If your Time Zone requires Daylight Savings Time to be configured, check the “Enable Daylight Savings Time” option, and specify the dates when DST starts and ends. The “Offset” field default value of 60 minutes is valid for most time zones. The example above shows the DST settings for US Mountain Time in 2011.

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