3CX SIP Trunk Providers – Austria


Innosoft KG Austrian VoIP Provider Innosoft KG

Innosoft KG is an Austrian Voice Service Provider and offers innovative VoIP solutions. Alongside our own in-house developed virtual PBX system for SME´s, we also offer SIP trunking services for LME´s. In addition, Innosoft also offers custom-built solutions for Premium Service providers.

net planet voip provider austria NETPLANET

NETPLANET was founded in 2004 by John Wagner and Christoph Vogl as a partnership. Due sustainable and positive business was decided in 2009 to found the company NETPLANET GmbH. Our team has many years of experience in all areas of information and communication technology. More than 120 customers from various industries currently give the company NETPLANET their trust.

Telematica SIP Trunk provider in Austria Telematica

Telematica, headquartered in Graz, Austria, is a full communications service provider with a focus on internet and telephony, especially fixed broadband internet connections, web hosting and VoIP telephony solutions for consumers and businesses. The company was originally founded in 1995. In 2010, the company was completely restructured and major investments in modern and efficient IT infrastructure allow Telematica to offer quality and reliable services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In 2015 Telematica became part of the Austrian firm “ANX Holding,” which also holds a variety of companies including Anexia, an IT solutions and Software Development Provider with more than 60 virtualization locations worldwide. Telematica is well positioned to rapidly grow their presence in the VoIP services marketplace. The company has recently also expanded into Germany and will offer VoIP telephony services to German customers.