3CX Partner Training in Chicago a Huge Success

3CX Partner Training Event in Chicago a Huge SuccessEvery year, 3CX organises several Partner Training events worldwide. They are designed to offer great sales advice and discuss techniques on how to deploy 3CX Phone System. Training events are aimed at pre-sales and technical support personnel tasked with the responsibility of promoting, installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting 3CX client installations.

The recent 3CX Partner Training Event in Chicago, USA, on March 9th, 2012 was a real success! Nearly sixty 3CX Partners attended, including a contingent from the Minneapolis based Star Tribune. The Star Tribune has one of the largest 3CX Phone System deployments to date with over a thousand configured extensions running on just a single server.

Brandon Ballard, IT Operations Manager, Star Tribune presented what led them to choose 3CX Phone System over competing vendors such as Cisco, Avaya and Shortel. Replacing their existing phone system was dubbed “Project Tin-Can”. Brandon also discussed what planning took place prior to deploying 3CX Phone System, the “Gotchas” of deploying a system of this size. Finally, he discussed the cost savings they enjoyed by choosing 3CX Phone System, as well as the annual savings related to maintenance.

3CX Premium Partner Kerry Garrison of 888Voip presented, ‘How to Sell 3CX Phone System’ and William England of the 3CX Technical Support Team discussed installing 3CX Phone System, supported platforms, setting up extensions, gateways, DDI, phones, remote extensions and more. William also discussed VoIP provider concepts and configurations, basic troubleshooting, tips and tricks.

3CX Partner Training in Chicago a Huge SuccessMike Ryan, 3CX Channel Manager, presented the latest features and functionality of 3CX Phone System, including PBX Server, 3CX MyPhone, the 3CX Call Center Module and differences between the free and commercial editions.

Mike Ryan said, “Our day in Chicago was extremely productive. We enjoyed a mix of new partners as well as several that have been with 3CX for many years. Partners have told me that it’s more than just a training session – it’s an opportunity to learn the software, a few new tricks, as well as a confirmation that their business practices are sound. The day was an overwhelming success.”

What 3CX Partners Said

“Thanks for being such a generous host. I think it is great that 3CX puts on these training events and I look at them being more than just training. I’ve been working with 3CX for 2 years and I don’t think of myself as a beginner but I still like going to the training sessions. I’ve attended 3 of these already and I always come home with notes about new things to try… In addition, since much of our world is built on relationships, I really enjoy getting to meet face-to-face with vendors, partners and the technical support engineers. This adds a significant dimension to future dealings…And, if that weren’t enough, I enjoy these gatherings from a social standpoint. I find the 3CX community to be a bunch of good guys and gals.” – Allen Miller, Allen Miller Computing Consulting

“The 3CX Partner Training was a great opportunity for me personally to meet everyone, especially the 3CX Team, who I have had the great experience of working with for a few years now. We are a small company of 11 Employees. Both on the marketing side as well as the technical side, we have been very impressed with not only 3CX Phone System itself, but with 3CX as a company, both from a partner perspective as well as a support perspective. The recent training in Chicago was a great opportunity for us as one of our newest employees had the opportunity to see 3CX Phone System and hear directly from the 3CX Team. There is huge advantage in that. There are plenty of online materials, and plenty you can learn from experience, but to learn it, review it or have it reinforced by the 3CX Team is a great advantage and opportunity.” – Mike Warmbier, Kinetix

“I just wanted to let you and your team know that the one day training event in Chicago last week proved to be a solid investment for my organization. I had previously reviewed the training material and installed 3CX Phone System and configured many different options on my test bench but still had numerous questions in the back of my mind as to whether I was following best practices. The 3CX Partner Training certainly confirmed that I was on the right track. I don’t recall ever attending a training session where every question was answered on the spot. I walked away with confidence and took the 3CX Academy Test two days later. Thanks very much for your support.” – Mark Symmes, Red Stone Telecom Inc.

The 3CX Team would like to thank everyone who attended the recent 3CX Partner Training Events, and we hope to welcome all new or existing partners to our future events.