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Large Enterprises Benefit from 3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System has been proven to work in large enterprises3CX Phone System has proven itself as a leading PBX solution for small to medium sized businesses. But how does it hold up for larger companies? Can 3CX Phone System work under the enormous strains that a large enterprise would put on it?

These were the questions that Polish 3CX Partner, HaloKwadrat, recently set out to answer by conducting some extensive performance tests. HaloKwadrat vigorously tested 3CX Phone System 10 Enterprise Edition 512SC simulating a real production PBX environment with:

  • 3,000 internal extensions (which only took 15 minutes to create with 3CX Phone System extensions csv import)
  • A complex configuration of the PBX, akin to the real world
  • A SIP generator and terminator to emulate different types of traffic and media
  • An emulated SIP Trunk to PSTN
  • A configuration in which 3CX Phone System routed traffic using DDIs, ACD and SIP Location Service
  • Call recording
  • Incoming calls using IVRs

HaloKwadrat conducted tests on a Dell PowerEdge 1950 MKII with 2x Intel Xeon E5320 CPU @ 1.86Ghz each with 16GB of RAM for the server. On this server, a virtual machine was created for 3CX Phone System allocating 8GB of RAM, and 4cores from 1 Xeon CPU. To make the test more realistic, with the remaining available resources on the DELL PowerEdge server, 2 more virtual machines were created to simulate a company server that is hosting multiple virtual machines all in non idle state.

Performance statistics of the system using Microsoft Performance Monitor were collected at each stage of the test procedure. Tests were made with call rates of 8 calls per 10 seconds with a duration of 800 seconds. Audio was transmitted and the test also included HTTP queries to simulate 3CX MyPhone Clients connected to 3CX.

What was the conclusion?

“A system that can handle advanced call scenarios for 512 simultaneous calls can easily handle a company with 3,000 extensions. This means that 3CX has designed its product very ambitiously indeed,” HaloKwadrat said. “Our tests have shown that the 512SC licence is not just a marketing gimmick and 3CX Phone System is not only an SMB product but has potential for even large enterprise businesses that want a phone system that can scale easily and comes with unified communications as standard. We also bear in mind that the licence cost and maintenance cost of 3CX is probably the lowest available on the market.”

Download the Free Edition of 3CX Phone System here.

By |April 4th, 2012|Comments Off on Large Enterprises Benefit from 3CX Phone System

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