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3CX to Enter the Mobile Device Management Market

3CX to Enter the Mobile Device Management MarketWe are fast approaching the commercial release of 3CX Mobile Device Manager, which is scheduled to be released in Q1 2013. Our solution allows you to add Android and iOS devices, configure and update device settings from an online dashboard, enforce security policies, secure access to sensitive corporate data, manage apps, and remotely lock and wipe connected devices.

3CX Mobile Device Manager provides an excellent sales opportunity to 3CX Partners as our MDM solution allows businesses to go mobile safely and securely. It’s easy to sell, simple to install and creates a new revenue stream for your company.

3CX To Enter MDM MarketWith 3CX MDM you can:

  • find and track devices
  • secure data
  • manage and deploy apps
  • monitor usage
  • block rogue apps
  • enforce password policies
  • lock and wipe devices remotely
  • push WiFi hotspot passwords to connected devices

The 3CX Mobile Device Manager online dashboard lets you track and monitor all of your connected devices in real time. You can audit and monitor user activity, including which apps have been installed or removed. 3CX MDM has also been optimized to reduce impact on battery life of connected devices.

One of the key issues mobile enterprises face is how to protect their data. 3CX Mobile Device Manager makes it so you can ensure all of your devices adhere to your company’s security policies. You can enforce a strong password from the online dashboard on all of your Android and iOS devices – with iPhones, you can set minimum password length, time lapse before the iPhone auto-locks and the maximum number of failed password attempts before the iPhone wipes its data.

The latest feature we have added to 3CX MDM enables you to push a WiFi hotspot password to connected devices, to a single device or to a group of devices. Once the WiFi hotspot is in range, the devices automatically connect to the hotspot.

Lost and stolen mobile devices are a fact of modern life, so 3CX Mobile Device Manager allows you to remote lock your devices. If you can’t recover an employee’s device, use 3CX Mobile Device Manager to restore the device to its factory settings and wipe the device entirely of data, both data stored on the device itself and on any SD or SIM cards.

Another key 3CX Mobile Device Manager feature is app management – you can use the service to install an app remotely to any number of connected devices from the online dashboard. You can remove rogue or suspicious apps before they damage a device or compromise your company’s data, and you can purge devices of games and any other unnecessary apps, all from the online dashboard.

3CX MDM Pricing

Pricing will be as follows:

Hosted Version

The hosted version of 3CX Mobile Device Manager is an online service that doesn’t require you to download and install any software to use it. Simply signup for your account and login via your web browser. The Free edition does not include support.

Part Number Devices Euro USD Buy
3CXMDMH5 5 FREE FREE via partner
3CXMDMH10 10 20 per month – Billed Yearly 25 per month – Billed Yearly via partner
3CXMDMH25 25 35 per month – Billed Yearly 50 per month – Billed Yearly via partner
3CXMDMH50 50 65 per month – Billed Yearly 95 per month – Billed Yearly via partner
3CXMDMH100 100 105 per month – Billed Yearly 150 per month – Billed Yearly via partner
3CXMDMH250 250 175 per month – Billed Yearly 250 per month – Billed Yearly via partner

Onsite Version

The onsite version of 3CX Mobile Device Manager is a deployable version that can be downloaded and installed to run on your own server. Unlike the perpetual licensing of the 3CX MDM hosted version, the onsite version is available for a one-time fee. The onsite version includes 1 year’s maintenance and will be available in the coming months.

Part Number Devices Euro USD Buy
3CXMDMS50 50 1,030 1,295 via partner
3CXMDMS100 100 1,475 1,995 via partner
3CXMDMS250 250 2,585 3,500 via partner
3CXMDMS500 500 4,800 6,500 via partner
3CXMDMS1000 1,000 7,380 9,995 via partner
3CXMDMS2500 2,500 12,920 17,500 via partner
3CXMDMS5000 5,000 20,300 27,500 via partner

Sign up today for your 3CX Mobile Device Manager account and put the mobile enterprise in the palm of your hand.

We look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions, and fill out the 3CX MDM Survey to get a FREE 6 month subscription!

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