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Host 3CX Phone System on Amazon Lightsail for $5 a month!

Host your PBX on Amazon Lightsail

Customers and resellers of 3CX can now set-up 3CX PBX Phone System on Amazon Lightsail. Amazon Lightsail is a simplified version of Amazon AWS which makes it easier (and cheaper) to host your 3CX PBX on Amazon. The number of steps required is significantly less and the management interface is easier to navigate.

Furthermore, pricing is very straightforward. There are five “package deals” that include enough bandwidth, memory and disk space to satisfy most installs. The one gig option at $5 will be sufficient for most smaller installs up to 8 or 16 sim calls, and the $10 package will take you up to 32 sim calls depending on your exact usage. Installs with heavier use (such as call center, CRM integration and recording) or 35+ users might have to “splash out” on a $20 or $40 a month package.

The ANNUAL cost of 3CX including Amazon hosting is less than the MONTHLY cost of most hosted PBX providers such as Ringcentral. See our cost comparison here. More importantly you will stay in control of your data and have complete freedom of choice as to what IP Phones and SIP trunks you want to use.

You can install 3CX on Amazon Lightsail in a matter of minutes using 3CX PBX express. All you need is an Amazon Lightsail account. Download an API key for the account and take the PBX Express.

Follow this step by step guide to Host 3CX PBX Phone System in Amazon Lightsail.

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Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment:


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