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Hotel phone systems – 10 Keys to customer service & sales

Hoteliers tend to neglect the importance of the phone system these days. Thinking customers use their mobiles, the phone system is seen as a cost centre rather than a profit centre.

But eventhough the phone system is indeed used less and less by guests to make outbound phone calls, it plays an increasingly important role in providing good customer service. And with a bad Trip Advisor review quickly translating into lost revenue, the Hotel PBX will prove itself as a profit centre quickly.

So how can a modern IP based Phone System help hotels work more efficiently whilst improving customer service? Here are 10 ways how:

#1 – Reduce workload for your front desk – no more unnecessary re-directing of calls

Guests understandably have questions but timing may be awkward for a busy reception desk. Poorly configured phones with unclear dial plans will cause more calls to front desk and increase workload. With the increasingly importance of efficiency and guests being impatient to check in or out, receptionists will all too easily not take that guest call – making a poor impression on the customer

#2 – Room service not answering? Don’t lose revenue, queue that call!

How many of your guests have called room service and not gotten an answer? Well that’s lost revenue right there. And with room service staff busy preparing orders it’s not unreasonable that a call is missed or not taken in time. Why not queue the call, inform the customer that he or she is going to be serviced soon and promote the daily special? And give room service personnel time to answer the call.

# 3 – Room reservations difficult to reach? Don’t lose that booking!

Why lose a booking because of your phone system?? Reservations or front office might be too busy to take the call – but that’s no reason to lose a booking and down your occupancy rate. Queue the call, inform the customer of the latest offers – worst case have the phone system record the customers number automatically, send an email to reservation staff and allow them to call back and keep the revenue.

#4 – Lower your guests’ phone bill with a room DID.

A modern IP Phone system gives you easy and low cost access to DIDs, and allows you to provide your customers with a personalized number that guests can use during their stay. Save your guests international mobile phone bill – a neat way to boost customer service.

#5 – Restaurant staff busy? Don’t lose that order!

Guests wanting to reserve a table or who invariably have a question about the restaurant or menu will call the restaurant. During peak times, staff might not be able to take the call. No answer might cause the guests to take their food order elsewhere and lose the hotel significant revenue – plus they look unprofessional.

#6 – Make an impression – Greet the customer by name

Modern phone systems make it easy to link the guest name to the phone system and display the guest name on the screen for hotel staff to greet the customer personally. It makes the guest feel good and important and improves customer service…. And your Trip Advisor ranking!

#7 – Use dynamic BLF and good labeling to promote your hotel services.

An outdated phone system with few options on the phone leaves your customer unaware of the services your customer has to offer. Provide one touch speed dials for all the F&B services and other facilities you have to offer and entice guests to use them – increase revenue.

#8 – Clunky old phones ruining the look of your designer room?

Time and time again, clunky old style phones will ruin the carefully created image for your hotel. An integral part of each room, a professional looking yet easy to use phone means a professional image and better customer satisfaction.

#9 – Frustrating Dial Plan? What a way to anger a customer!

Many hotels have awkward dial plans making it difficult to call other rooms or even the front desk. Make it easy for guests to call family & friends in other rooms and save your front desk unnecessary work – and don’t frustrate your guest by making it hard to call front desk! Pity to send your customer satisfaction sinking that way.

#10 – Improve teamwork amongst your staff – for a better impression

A good modern hotel phone system doesn’t just help your guests – it helps your staff do their job better and more efficiently. Unified communications features for presence, easy transferring and taking of calls, message taking and more will help reservations close those bookings faster, front desk speed up check in and F&B and housekeeping work more efficiently, and above all allow staff to work better together as a team, hence, boosting customer service and revenue!

Customers demand more, staff has to work more efficiently. 3CX Phone System, with its dedicated Hotel Module and modern UC Features, can help hotels meet those challenges and send your hotel to the top of the customer service rankings!

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