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New Way to Suggest Features to 3CX

3CX is introducing their new restructured 3CX Ideas AppWe’re really happy to see that a lot of our partners and users are contributing to the 3CX Ideas App, either by posting recommendations or voting for other users’ ones! The Ideas App is definitely a great way for us to stay in touch with the 3CX community and listen to what you have to say.

In order to improve this experience, we have decided to move our Ideas App to a PHPBB Forum so that we can actually discuss the recommendations you post, something we couldn’t do before now. Also, we noticed that the app had a fraud in its voting mechanism, something which has now been resolved.

Additionally, with this improvement you won’t have to login to the app with different credentials! This will make the procedure so much more straightforward for you.

We have processed the top 100 ideas and have split them into four categories: Done, Rejected, In-Progress and Under Consideration. Please see below which ideas made the list.

For the ideas which are “Under Consideration” we are waiting for your feedback. Go ahead and vote for them, if you think they’re worthy, and based on your votes we will decide which ones to take forward.

We look forward to receiving your ideas and discussing them with you so start posting!

These features have been done in past releases, or will be done in SP1 of v14

  • BLF lights should be RED / BUSY when Extension has DND stat – Done in SP1 as DND is now mapped to profile
  • Automatic callback if extension is busy
  • 3CX client for Windows Phone – Done, not few downloads and feedback!
  • Export extensions and outbound rules –
  • Calling into conference early – Now possible to call in early
  • Outgoing calls using call trigger CMD
  • Agent statistics unanswered and total
  • 3CXPhone compatible with USB headsets
  • Update import/export template – Has been extended in v14
  • Scheduled Conference Call Start Time flexibility
  • Out of Office Hours via BLF – using dial codes
  • Ability to change forwarding rules via web
  • Always permit 911 emergency calls independent of licensing
  • Call recording indication
  • Call focus stealing options are back in v12.5
  • Update BLF field within Phone Provisioning for Yealink T4x
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Add Personal Speed Dial Numbers to BLF of your own phone
  • Support for configuring different languages on each IVR (for Canada for example)
  • Support for configuring different voice mail language
  • Queue / Ringtone Distinctive Ring

In progress
These features will be done in future V14 Service packs:

  • Shared Park – Music on Hold to start where it left off
  • Wallboard for multiple queues – new switchboard will allow more configuration options to show queue stats
  • Allow managers to change logged in/out of queue of other users (SP3)
  • Change label “Self identification” to name
  • 3CX Smartphone clients to support video
  • Different Ringtone in 3CXPhone for Windows for Internal / External Calls
  • Do not play ‘Please transfer your call” after IVR choice is made

In consideration
These features are being considered and a poll will be posted on our blog soon!

  • More outbound rules
  • Ability to pause recording from the client
  • Voice mail to multiple people
  • Specify a different operator for every extension group
  • Schedule series of recurring conference calls
  • Web interface for Switchboard
  • Time based conditions for IVR prompts
  • Answer calls on locked Android phones
  • Copy settings of an existing extension
  • Skill Based Routing to set priority of each agent
  • Log agent out of queue after X missed calls

This features have not been done for various reasons. They are not popular enough, architecturally difficult to implement or would render our interface and logic confusing or too complex

  • Announce Queue position in minutes – not possible
  • Ring Groups should ignore people set to away, even if forwarding rules are active
  • Agent stats in 3CXPhone – retrieve from reports
  • First time voice mail setup for new users
  • Voice mails for specific holidays
  • Licence limit prompt should not be played on inbound calls
  • Random/automatically changing caller ID
  • Outbound print to fax feature – use
  • Hunt by 2 in polling strategy – you have hunt by 3
  • Remove extensions from forwarding rules
  • When voice mail is disabled all references should be removed
  • See all legs in Call log Destination column
  • Show number instead of Makecall – use a supported phone to avoid this
  • SMS management via an SMS gateway – best use a web based SMS portal
  • Dial code to login/logout of specific queue
  • Allow CTI mode to manage multiple lines – use soft phone instead
  • Add support for multiple break in messages
  • Additional Custom Alert-info headers for distinctive ringing
  • Ability to temporarily stop emails
  • Ring extension when wait in queue exceeds X seconds – use separate queue
  • Skip voicemail greeting message – direct to leaving message
  • Display name for system extension
  • Enable configuration of outbound caller ID in Outbound Rule – Not possible at present
  • Switch the ability to transfer out of VM
  • Ring Group Department Mailbox – Just use additional extension
  • BLF button to monitor queue & status – use presence screen of 3CXPhone
  • Schedule ‘part days’ for out of office hours
  • Distinct ring tone per ring group
  • Allow queue announcements to interrupt hold music
  • Emergency Code state shown in Management Console or client
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