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Take a Look at the Brand New 3CX HQ!

3CX headquartersAlmost 2 years ago we revealed that 3CX would be undergoing its biggest company transformation yet; the building of our brand new headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus. And, although the building took a little longer than expected, it’s safe to say that all 3CX employees would agree it was well worth the wait!

With a total area of no less than 5,000 sq.m and close to 3,000 sq.m of glass, the headquarters are a sight for sore eyes in the bustling heart of one of Nicosia’s most prestigious locations.

The new headquarters has used an incredible 44.5km (28 miles) of CAT6 network cables, 82km (51 miles) of electric cables, 10,000 cubic meters of concrete and houses 1120 network ports and a 25m swimming pool and gym.

The state of the art design, detail and high quality finishing of the building has earned the 3CX headquarters a nomination on behalf of Cyprus in the prestigious Mies va de Rohe awards.

CEO Nick Galea said:
“It’s not just a new office that we have built this year. We also streamlined our processes to make us more effective to allow us to continue to innovate. This is key to remaining successful in this fast paced and constantly changing global IT industry. Ultimately, embracing change and striving for excellence is not just for 3CX and its employees, it’s also for our partners and customers who will all see the benefits in different ways.”

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