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Integrating your Restful CRM with 3CX: A video walkthrough

Most companies nowadays use a CRM system in order to manage their contacts efficiently. By integrating your CRM system with your PBX you obtain a number of benefits such as: the ability to launch calls to contacts with a single click, customer records pop-up when an inbound call occurs and all calls are logged in your CRM.

However, not all CRM systems integrate with your PBX out of the box. What happens in such a scenario? With the 3CX Restful API you can integrate your CRM with 3CX in a matter of minutes.

How? Watch the video below and find out.

To add support for a new CRM, you will need the following information. It can usually be found in the CRM documentation, if in doubt you can contact the vendor.

Step 1: Obtain the required information

1. Create an account with opencnam Used for this example, you can also use another CRM.
2. Authentication Mechanism is Basic and requires the SID and Auth_headers to be concatenated with a : in between – you can see authentication examples and full API documentation in the Developer section of the opencnam website example:
auth_header = "Authorization: Basic " + base64_encode(SID + ":" + TOKEN)

cnam = http_get(“”, headers=[auth_header])

3. REST URL format requires the account_sid and auth_token which you can get from opencnam dashboard Example:
4. URL to query the name belonging to a number +16786318356 would look something like this:

Step 2 – Create a CRM template
For more information about the XML description and how to integrate your CRM check out the below guides:

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