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3CX and Crisis Management

Crises cannot be avoided. That’s a fact. But there is a key to help any business sail successfully through a crisis: PREPAREDNESS.

Unfortunately, crisis preparedness can be costly and complicated.

Most businesses have some kind of system to back up their data. But how many have a system in place to backup their traditional proprietary PBX? If at all possible, how much would that cost?! And how many managers have thought about how they would conduct telephone business as usual if their premises are flooded, on fire, or destroyed by an earthquake?

With 3CX deployed, business continuity is easily assured at no extra cost.

Thanks to 3CX’ Windows 2008 server support, Network Administrators can have the IP PBX running as a virtual instance in Hyper V and if the phone system is not very large, they can make a backup copy by simply saving it to a DVD!

The system can be up and running again from any Windows server in a matter of minutes, whilst the Network Administrator can access 3CX’ management console from a web browser to make any necessary configuration changes.

Staff can work from wherever they are – home, provisional premises, etc. – while being able to take advantage of the Presence inbuilt feature to answer, forward and route calls using 3CX VoIP Phone. They can access the My-Phone User Portal from their web browser to set their extension preferences any time, any place.

3CX helps your organization be ALWAYS PREPARED for a crisis, as there is no need at all for the entire company to be under the same roof to handle business-as-usual telephone communications!

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