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3CX Client for Windows Build History

The mentioned Change Log reflects all the major changes. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed. 3CX is constantly improving the product and may implement fixes prior to any official release.

3CX Client for Windows, Build 15.5.12227.5, June 2018

  • Fixed an issue where users were able to sometimes park and pickup calls from the parking orbit even without the appropriate rights.
  • Fixed an issue where calls could not be recorded while the client was connected via tunnel on IPV6.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when searching for a recording in the recordings tab and the recording’s name was malformated.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3CX Windows Client would not start due to issues related to Google Sync.
  • Fixed an issue where a second incoming call would have it’s recording button grayed out when it shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying long names.
  • Fixed a typo.
  • Fixed an issue where when creating a WebMeeting with the “Webinar” profile, it would actually use the “WebMeeting” profile.
  • Fixed an issue where contact lookup match was no properly performed when making an outbound call over a bridge.
  • Added support for the PBX’s new ability to disable chat globally for all clients.
  • Added support for the PBX’s new ability to disable recording globally for all clients.

3CX Client for Windows, Build 15.5.10795.4, April 2018

  • Added the ability for the 3CX Client Updater to talk with a a PBX via TLS 1.2

3CX Client for Windows, Build 15.5.10244.4, March 2018

  • Changes to translations related to conferencing
  • Fixed an issue related to sync contacts lookup for Google Contacts.
  • Fixed an issue where managers were unable to record another person’s call via the switchboard
  • Add field validations in some areas of conferencing
  • Added 302 Call deflection for AWAY, DND, Business Trip
  • Fixed an issue related to improper UTF8 strings
  • Fixed an issue where the 3CX Client would drop a call when it hit the second route in the outbound rule when it was connected via tunnel.

3CX Client for Windows, Build BETA 15.5.8291, January 2018

  • Added IPV6 support.
  • Added IPV6 Tunnel Connection Support.
  • Added TLS support for LetsEncrypt certs. (Custom Certs for later)
  • Added old conferencing functionality back to Client.
  • Fixed a hang when answering queue calls using a Jabra headset.
  • Fixed an issue where on auto answer, the client would still show an incoming call window.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3CX Client for Windows would suddenly stop responding.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur under certain network conditions.
  • Fixed an issue related to duplicate exception rules and rules logic in general.
  • Fixed an issue where upon auto-answering a call, the “Incoming Call” screen was still shown.
  • Fixed typo shown during conference creation.
  • Fixed an issue with custom speed dial buttons where even though you provide a name for it, it’s ignored and the number is matched to a phonebook contact. Now only the user specified name is shown.
  • Improved conferencing functionality

3CX Client for Windows, Build 15.5.7262, December 2017

  • (Several) Improvements in conferencing functionality for easier ad-hoc conference creation.
  • Improvement, instead of showing 700 when calling the conference, show “Conference Call”

3CX Client for Windows, Build 15.5.6989, December 2017

  • Improvement: The in-call “Conference” button now gives organizers access to the “Active Conferences” screen.
  • Improvement: Restricted access to the “Active Conferences” screen from participants as this is an organizer feature.
  • Improvement: Enable “Conference” button only after dialing 700 & following conference creation instructions.
  • Improvement: Enable “Conference” button after dialing 700**YourExtNumber.
  • Improvement: Added the “X” button used to end the entire conference back to the UI.
  • Improvement: General conferencing UI improvements and changes and restrictions.
  • Fixes: General fixes related to multiple simultaneous conference management on the same client.

3CX Client for Windows, Build 15.5.6354, November 2017

  • Added ability to forward calls to a Queue Group Voicemail.
  • Added 302 redirection support.
  • Improved record start/stop functionality for PBX V15+ installations with ability to pause recording.
  • Improved the time required to connect to the PBX’s MyPhone service greatly.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3CX Client for Windows would disappear/be out of bounds of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if TCP mode is on and split DNS is used, connecting via tunnel fails.
  • Fixed an issue in CTI mode where the Answer/Decline page would not show in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where chats sent by your own part would cause a notification sound to play on both the Webclient and other 3CX Clients.
  • Changed: The conferencing creation button/menu now launches the 3CX Webclient on the conference creation/list page.

3CX Client for Windows, Build 60903, January 2017

  • Improved Skype For Business click to call functionality.
  • Improved rendering of numbers from Skype For Business.
  • 3CX Client will not show an empty number if a number is not specified in Skype for Business.
  • Removed automatically launching application to foreground when selecting 3CX call via Skype for Business.
  • Improved the synchronization of Google Contact Numbers.
  • Fixed DTMF methods declared in provisioning file.
  • Added some additional changes in the dialog info when selecting 3CX Call via Skype for Business.
  • Added Detection for Skype for Business if 3CX Client is less than SP2 Version.
  • Added Portuguese to 3CX Client.
  • Added Czech to 3CX Client.
  • Added G729 Codec.
  • Added TLS 1.1 and 1.2 Protocol in the 3CX Client.
  • Improved the 3CX Client Provisioning.

3CX Client for Windows, Build 56772, July 2016

  • Fixed Call History Notification
  • Fixed minor issue in Video Meetings for Video Bandwidth
  • Fixed Call Forwarding
  • Added Translations
  • Fixed Layout for Call Forwarding
  • Ability to configure BLF in 3CX Client (evaluation only) 
  • Fixed Applications crashes due to disconnection errors

3CX Client for Windows, Build 55857, June 2016

  • Added the option to Exit the Application in the Context Menu
  • Improvements in the Add Contacts Procedure
  • Fixed the Enter Key functionality for when you initiate a direct call from the Call History View
  • Improved Logo Image
  • Additional improvements for when Scheduling a Meeting
  • Renamed some options in the Schedule Meetings
  • Additional improvements in the menu Schedule Meetings
  • Call is connected reset search
  • Fixed text when the Default Theme is set
  • Fixed and Improved Contacts in Audio and Video Conferences
  • Fixed the Search function to refresh the contact list when changing accounts
  • Added Default Theme
  • Added callbacks in the phone API for hold resume mute unmute
  • Fixed the Editing Video Conference for not re-sending new URL links to join
  • Supports TLD
  • Added Notification for any errors
  • Added Validation for Past Schedule Meetings
  • Fixed the Meeting Location
  • Validation added inside Add Contacts for Email Addresses
  • Improvements in the Chat Notification Sounds – when the chat dialog is open the new incoming chats will not play notification sounds
  • Fixed Application Crash when elevating a call to an AdHOC Conference
  • Adding external email participants was not cleared when the schedule conference was edited
  • Improved validation for ADD Contacts
  • Installer fix when executable was not present was trying to run installation when runnming 3cx.config provisioning files.
  • Fixed elevate a chat to a video conference. Works better if using shared rooms. When using private rooms chat message is sent from another conversation.
  • Fixed the Conference start now to direct to the conference page when the call is answered
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to add participants when in Conference
  • Start conference now should start while is sending invitation emails
  • Added Sorting in View Conferences
  • Ability to add participants to an active audio conference
  • Fixed unregistered extension freeze during an Adhoc Conference
  • Removed web meeting from the client exception
  • When creating a new conference the fields for email and number would show previous conference details – fixed
  • Video Conference – Added ability to add Extensions with same email Address
  • Schedule – Enable Announcements when targeting Extensions which are unregistered
  • Fixed – DTMF did not work with PC keypad
  • Fixed Conference in CTI and MAKECALL
  • Fixed – Schedule – Adding User to a schedule conference is being called twice

3CX Client for Windows, Build 15.0.55450, June 2016

  • New UC Screen
  • Black, White and Gray themes
  • New notification area for chats, missed calls, voicemails
  • Fixed 3CXPhone for Windows installer due to VC++ 2015 Redistributable
  • Added Conference UI
  • Redial
  • Stuck Calls in Search
  • Fixed auto attendant transfer not clearing main search after transfer
  • Added Missed call Notification to main dial pad
  • Improved View Conference for Audio and Video
  • Side menu options for quick operations
  • Added indication when 3CX Phone does not detect speaker or microphone

3CXPhone for Windows, Build 14.0.49169, February 2016

  • Fixed search in main dial pad
  • Focus was being lost whist navigating from one view to another
  • Deleting abandoned queue calls works
  • Block Group Chats fixed
  • Reorganize switchboard settings dialog horizontally
  • Active Calls – Columns are now being saved
  • Tool tips are populated with information
  • When Extension is unregistered, the status and custom message are displayed fort that user
  • Fixed loop caused by re-provisioning
  • Waiting Time in Wallboard view fixed
  • Windows client was making 3CX Tapi Crash when calls were made
  • Web API Not Connected is shown when connection is not possible
  • 3CX Phone CTI receiving a queue call used to call an external application twice
  • If main 3CXPhone.xml is corrupted, a backup is created named 3CXPhone.xml.bak
  • Fixed issue Custom profile names not translated

3CXPhone for Windows, Build 14.0.47020, December 2015

  • Added new functions to 3CXPhone for Windows API – Hold, Resume, Mute, Unmute, Login / Logout of queues and Activate() to answer call with or without video. More info 3CX Phone for Windows API
  • Ability to remain Away or in Do Not Disturb mode for 15 min. After this period, your status will be automatically set to Available. Requires 3CX Phone System Version 14 SP2
  • Crash when trying to chat with blocked user
  • Support for new Plantronics HUB installer
  • Support for new Jabra API
  • Added new Switchboard with 5 different views
  • Including Wallboard
  • Smooth appearance when new calls show up in active calls screen
  • Updater locks file UAC Helpers
  • Optimized CPU Usage
  • Operations also displayed whilst connected
  • Hovering shows all status information
  • Improved filtering of calls and search functions
  • Optimized the way clients request call history information
  • Auto Answer – Moved to Settings
  • Q button showing only if you are a member of a Queue
  • Fixed bug in CTI related to Automatically answering a call
  • Improved performance of drag and drop
  • If you press attended transfer in CTI but then press Cancel you go back to control the call
  • Attended transfer in CTI now fixed
  • Pressing Att.trasnfer dialog is shown – if I select vmail(ext) it will ring extension and not call ext(vmail) 0012439
  • Multiple fixes in Queue Call Statistics counting stats properly and resetting them according to schedule
  • Improved right click context menu icon for transfer, attended transfer and whisper
  • Search and Dial Pad improvements
  • Added ability to drag and drop a call and make an attended transfer

3CXPhone for Windows, Build 12.5.44178.1002, July 2015

  • Support for Encrypted Welcome Email
  • Allow easy updating to 3CX Phone System Version 14

3CXPhone for Windows 12.5 Build 38876.974 Client December 2014

3CX Phone Windows New Features and Bug fixes

  • Fix in Attended transfer in CTI
  • Fix when calls are picked up from 3CXPhone
  • When phone is provisioned with TLS, Tunnel settings are skipped
  • When Webserver recycles, 3CXPhone is not blacklisted anymore
  • Fix in 3CXPhone Network Autosensing module when registered using TLS
  • Fix in dial pad screen showing correct profile information
  • Phone was stealing focus when minimized to tray even though option “Steal Focus” was not enabled
  • When phone is in CTI Mode, the time duration for previous calls is reset

3CXPhone for Windows 12.5 Build 38514.939 Client November 2014

3CX Phone Windows New Features and Bug fixes

  • Audio or Video call is not interrupted by power options of computer dimming or putting pc to sleep
  • Video Calls can work via 3CX Tunnel
  • WebRTC Calls to Tunnelled 3CXPhone for Windows now supported
  • Fixed stuck calls in 3CXPhone CTI Mode caused by network disconnections
  • Double click users in presence will call immediately
  • New incoming chats can be configured to automatically open chat message (Option available in Chat settings)
  • Numerous video improvements and bug fixes
  • Ability to elevate queue calls to Video Calls (if remote user call from a video phone)

3CXPhone for Windows 12.5 Build 37957.0 Client October 2014

  • Video in 3CX Phone for Windows VP8, H263, H263+.
  • Desktop Sharing (1 or multiple monitors).
  • Hotkeys in 3CXPhone for Windows.
  • Ability to easily elevate a chat or call to a WebRTC Webmeeting.
  • New Echo Cancellation module.
  • Network Quality Indicator showing % of lost packets to rule out video quality issues.
  • Improvements to presence window.
  • Bridge’d extensions added to the small presence window.
  • Fixed bug in Audio Conference – external participants not always shown.
  • Attended transfer in CTI for all 3CX Supported Phones.
  • Import CSV to bulk import a list of participants to create quicker meetings.
  • Ability to resend the webmeeting invitation email to participants from the Scheduled WebMeeting Section.
  • Added Webrtc links to the welcome email and to the 3CXPhone for Windows.
  • 3CXPhone can provision via local and external Provisioning URLS allowing configuration updates to be made even when out of office.

3CXPhone for Windows 12 Build 35528.640 – SP5 Client May 2014


  • Changed default theme – 3CX Grey


  • Fixed crash on phone on startup related to terminal server
  • Made numerous UI changes to make the client more standard

3CXPhone for Windows 12 Build 34902 – SP4 Client March 2014


  • Added missed and abandoned Queue call Notifications
  • Ability to record greeting messages
  • Call history is now organized as All Calls, Missed calls, Incoming calls and Outgoing calls
  • Ability to quickly redial the last dialed number via the redial button
  • Added Abandoned Queue Calls and changing of statuses for calls (Dealing with, dealt with etc)
  • 3CX Queues Section can be customized and the layout is saved
  • Drag and drop calls to Queues by releasing the call on top of the selected qeueue
  • Tabs in full screen presence window can now be renamed and the position is saved when app is restarted
  • Escape functionality added in CTI
  • Ability to always steal focus on incoming call and hit enter to answer or escape key to reject
  • Ability to multi-select extensions and create conference or chat
  • Only Queue Managers are only allowed to Delete Abandoned Queue Calls
  • Added support for hyper link and Email addresses in chat messages
  • Ability to Copy number from Call History
  • Added search functionality in chat messages
  • Added ability to navigate to other tabs in 3CXPhone whilst on an active call
  • Ability to preserve the settings and position of Groups and tabs in the 3CXPhone full screen presence window


  • Fix in Auto Sensing when Large Presence Window was closed
  • After a successful transfer 3CX using TLS was not terminating the call
  • Fixed crash when 3CXPhone was resumed from Sleep or hibernate
  • No Audio when Holding/Resuming Call when using SRTP Mode
  • Fix when editing or deleting personal contacts
  • Fix in Plantronics support when audio link was not being closed correctly
  • Conference Calls are accepted when phone is connected using Plantronics headsets
  • Using Plantronics you can switch between multiple lines by clicking on the answer button long press
  • Fixed crash when incoming call is received and phone is in the background
  • If CTI connection is lost, 3CXPhone will automatically reconnect
  • Fixed bug where groups in presence were disappearing
  • Added Tool Tip functionality in Queues Statistics section
  • Numerous fixes in Chat functionality, chat history and group chat
  • In CTI Incoming call forwarded to Mobile was leaving stuck notification in client side
  • 2 notifications were being sent when phone was in SIP Mode and connected to the 3CX Outlook CRM Plugin
  • In CTI Mode lines are disabled
  • Missed call notification does not constantly flash any more and will eventually stop

3CXPhone for Windows 12 Build 33517.465 SP3 Client November 2013


  • New 3CXPhone in White and Dark grey theme.
  • Call Duration is displayed in Call History and at the end of each call.
  • Headset support.
  • Added option for international Dialing code – User can now configure this to replace + with 00 or 01. This will allow international calls to be processed correctly when 3CXPhone is in CTI Mode.
  • Added G722 High Definition Codec in 3CXPhone for Windows for better audio quality.
  • Added Speex and ILBC Codecs.
  • Added drag and drop to queues.
  • Added chat status at the top of chat windows showing the chat status of the user you are chatting with.
  • Automatically change profile status when 3CXPhone is idle – configurable by user.
  • Added the ability to add contacts to the company phonebook (Right is controlled from management console extension rights).
  • Added search in Voicemails and Recordings.
  • Delete key can delete voicemail, recording, chat . Enter key confirms and Escape key cancels.
  • Added icons to better identify company, personal and local extensions in the 3CXPhone phonebook as well as different phones per contact.
  • Application position is now saved upon exit.
  • Ability to transfer or divert a call to an extension’s Voicemail.
  • Contact look-up implemented for outgoing calls (Name will now be shown together with number).


  • Fixed bug that caused 3CXPhone to lose configuration and account data.
  • Fixed bug that was causing windows focus to be stolen every time an incoming call was received .
  • Fixed bugs in Call Forwarding.
  • Fixed bug in SRTP (Secure RTP).
  • Fixed bug in Drag and Drop – when a call is dragged, a highlighted gray bar will appear to inform the user on which element of the screen the call will be dropped.
  • Fixes in right click context menu.
  • Queue Calls that are forwarded to your mobile are now visible in the extension’s Presence screen.
  • Improved Tel Protocol registration in windows 8 and 8.1
  • Fixed crash when language was set to Turkish.
  • Fixed bug that was not showing remote bridges and queues in the full screen presence window.
  • Fixed bug that caused 3CXPhone starting in CTI mode showing not registered.
  • Messages that are sent to you when you are offline will be delivered the moment you change your status to Available / Online.
  • Fixed crash when copy/paste commands were entered while on a call.
  • Fixed crash occurring when 3CXPhone lost connection to server and the user tried to access call history.
  • Removed Control+C  from the Hotkey functions. Now simply press the configured Hotkey and the number will be copied, cleaned from any –, spaces or () and pasted to the 3CXPhone dial pad.
  • Fixed exception occurring when Hotkey was disabled.
  • Hotkey is now set by default to F11.
  • Fixed http encoding for the ‘+’ sign (if ‘+’ is encoded in a website it will be sent to the phone as %2B. 3CXPhone will correctly decode this to +).
  • Fixed bug that when Display Settings > DPI was not set to 100%, presence window did not show.
  • Fixed bug occurring when deleting voicemails.
  • Fixed bug in attended transfer procedure that was occurring when incoming calls where coming in to your extension and the extension is configured to accept multiple calls.
  • Fixed ‘Forbidden’ message from PBX when PBX is not running on SIP Port 5060.
  • Fixed representation of characters in Call recordings and Voicemail section (characters are now encoded correctly).
  • Fixed bug that when chat messages were sent to a group chat they were also shown in the individual chat windows.
  • Fixed bug in chat messages sending double line spacing, updating scroll to show the last message and losing focus.
  • Audio delivery fixed in VPN connections.
  • Fixed queues not showing when window is floating.
  • Fixed bug in DTMF SIP INFO.
  • Fixed bug when 3CXPhone is configured to use SIP Transport = TCP.
  • Fixed crash occurring when hold and resume is performed in Tunnel Mode with only 1 codec specified.
  • Fixed audio mixing when multiple calls are handled.
  • Issue in 3CXTunnel related to re-connection and audio delivery is fixed.


  • Contacts can now be saved using company name only. This is ideal for when entering company information that would not have first and last name.
  • Chat history is now sorted with the most recent conversations at the top.
  • Chat notifications are now updated when a user is not available for chat.
  • Chat messages sent to a local extension were also being sent to remote extension with the same number.
  • Contacts that have only company name set, will be visible in Recordings, Voicemails and other areas of 3CXPhone.
  • “Do not show this extension in 3CX Company Phonebook” hides the extension from the 3CXPhone Phonebook.
  • During the creation of Scheduled conference, external participants which have an email address are now visible and their email will be added automatically.
  • Improved search filters in Full screen, Presence, Contacts, Voicemails and all search filter boxes.
  • Ability to choose specific contact numbers to invite a participant to a conference in case the contact has multiple numbers.
  • Unplugging an audio device from the computer will cause 3CXPhone to automatically fall back to last device for audio.
  • Barge in and listen and whisper now perform an Auto answer on the phone.
  • When codecs do not match you will see the sip message ‘Not Acceptable’ here displayed.
  • Full screen presence window is automatically opened if 3CXPhone was closed with the window still open. If Full screen presence window was closed before exit, 3CXPhone will not automatically open it on the next start-up.
  • When PBX is free edition and / or a non CTI supported phone is used, a clear message stating that you need to activate your licence is shown.

3CXPhone for Windows 12 Build 32816.397 SP2 client October 2013


  • Calls forwarded to your mobile are seen in the users presence screen as if it was a call to the users extension.
  • Presence and busy extension indicators in transfer dialog.
  • Full screen presence screen is opened automatically and position and configuration is remembered.
  • Autoanswer to makecall module when phone does not support CTI. (Phone must support intercom=true) example cisco.
  • Pages functionality to queues presence section.
  • Search box in the Remote Presence Group section.
  • Auto Answer support with 3CXPhone for Windows. This works only with phones that support CTI and when 3CXPhone is in SiP Phone Mode. For unsupported phones, Auto Answer is not available.
  • Incoming call was causing 3CXPhone for windows to crash in some scenarios.
  • Ability to drag and drop calls from the full screen presence window.
  • Right click context menu options to Contacts, Presence, Call History, Voicemail, Chat, and Recordings.
  • 3CXPhone for Windows subscribes to tel: protocol in Windows. Note: If you have another software that is already subscribed to tel protocol, it will work with that software. Full 3CXPhone for Windows Uninstallation and re-installation is required. 3CX Phone System Pro Licence is required.
  • 3CX Phone has an exe that can trigger calls from command prompt. 3CX Phone System Pro Licence is required.
  • Drag and Drop in 3CXPhone for Windows.
  • Echo Cancellation, Silence detection and Microphone gain in 3CXPhone for Windows SiP Phone Mode.
  • Provisioning support for Yealink T42, and 3CX Firmware update Service for T42.


  • Improvements to full screen presence window (docking).
  • Improved Search combo boxes showing first matching first.
  • Language file improvements in French, German, Russian, Danish.


  • Fixed exception caused by 3CXPhone for windows and TAPI Driver.
  • Fixed crash when 3CXPhone was monitoring over 50 queues.
  • Visual issue when 3CXPhone is minimized to taskbar and incoming call occurs.
  • 3CXPhone crash when an outgoing call is made and at that instant an incoming call arrives.
  •  If the 3CXPhone configuration file is broken  for some reason, a new configuration file is created and will fix the problem. (This issue is caused by an old bug and should not occur again).

3CXPhone for Windows 12 Build 32495.362 SP1 client September 2013


  • Added ability to configure caller id exceptions in 3CXPhone for Windows
  • Ability to configure Microphone device, Ringing Device and Speaker Devices.
  • A dialog is shown to ask the user which phone to use in case you have multiple phones and both support CTI
  • Ability to search for contact’s additional numbers (mobile 2, home, home 2 etc) in public and personal phonebooks.
  • Switching from CTI to SIP does not require a restart of the application.
  • Message is displayed when SIP registration is successful and 3CXAPI is not successful.
  • Double Enter Key press will perform a Redial of the last number that was dialed.
  • Removed ability to log in/out of queues whilst connected.
  • Notification (beep) is played on second incoming call to the receiver’s Speaker Audio Device.
  • Disable Speaker Button when in SIP Mode.
  • Recording state is reset when a recorded call is terminated.
  • Intelligent Auto Network and location sensing.
  • Added copy and paste in chat windows.
  • Prepending prefix when mobile is called in remote bridged extension.
  • Added Play on phone to recordings section.
  • Added control option to provision 3CXPhone for Windows in CTI or with inbuilt SiP Phone.
  • Size and position of chat window is remembered.


  • Remote bridges  being duplicated in some scenarios
  • Crash when 3CXPhone for Windows resumes from Sleep Mode.
  • Application crash when Re-Register button is pressed.
  • Incoming call was closing all opened or minimized chat windows.
  • Chat windows are independent from 3CXPhone main app screen. (Minimize issue – when phone was minimized, all chat windows were also minimized.)
  • Improved 3CXTunnel connectivity inside 3CXPhone for Windows.
  • Fixed ghost registrations caused in tunnel mode not releasing all resources.
  • Autosensing does not hang application when recovering from Sleep Mode.
  • Application Hang when changing from In Office to Out of office.
  • Application not responding because of re-Provisioning feature.
  • Improved user interface operations on incoming chat messages.
  • Chat messages do not steal focus and can start minimized.
  • Spaces in the number are stripped when call is blind transferred.
  • Caller ID containing non ASCII characters are now shown correctly.
  • Fixed bug where SIP Phone mode changes to CTI
  • Fixed application crashes when network is suddenly disconnected
  • Removed empty dialogs in presence full screen window when extension is not part of queues, or does not have rights to see remote presence.
  • Fixed bug when accounts are deleted
  • Improved welcome email provisioning
  • Improved auto network sensing in 3CXPhone for Windows.
  • Fixed bug in attended transfers whist at the ringing stage.
  • Chat, Conference, Contacts and voice mails were sometimes not showing data on startup. Now data is automatically reloaded.
  • Chat windows coming up on multiple monitors fixed. Now they will come up to the right or left of the application.
  • Fixed crash when call is parked
  • Fixed bug when external calls added to conference.
  • Fixed visual issues occurring after blind or attended transfers in SIP Phone mode.

3CXPhone for Windows 12 Release Candidate 2 client 12 32127


  • 3CXPhone for Windows now features an integrated SIP phone, allowing users to easily switch between CTI mode for use in the office and SIP Phone mode when on the road or at home
  • Added Group Chat
  • Added improved recording functionality
  • Added language support for 3CXPhone for Windows in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Dutch and Danish


  • Hotkey configuration is now saved correctly
  • Improved application response time in several dialog views
  • Clients will not attempt to request data without a valid login. This causes the server to not blacklist clients
  • Improved reconnection and recovers quickly after a network disconnection
  • Error messages within the log file are easier to understand
  • Client connects after Sleep, Hibernate or Network disconnection
  • Enabled a recording button on incoming calls
  • Users can now right click the record menu option when viewing Active Call Presence in full screen mode
  • Fixed issues that caused some Status Profiles to disappear in the drop-down
  • Enabled toggle to switch between CTI and 3CXSIP Phone Modes
  • Fixed a bug when updating and changing forwarding rules
  • The client no longer crashes when in the user interface when an account isn’t properly logged out
  • Fixed the message showing the users that they have no rights to view recordings
  • The client no longer crashes when the 3CX Tunnel is enabled in the 3CX SIP Out of Office mode
  • Double clicking on the MWI when there are no new voicemails will place a call to the Voicemail Menu System extension number
  • When the client connects in CTI mode and there is no SIP Phone registered, an appropriate message indicator is displayed in the main screen
  • Intercom support has been added
  • Fixed a bug which occurred when using the In Office connection details and Out of Office connection details
  • The 3CX Tunnel can now be used to Tunnel SIP and Audio over 1 port and avoid firewall/NAT issues
  • Added group chat functionality
  • Added recording functionality in the main screen dialog in CTI and SIP Phone Mode. (Note: Recording view and deleting requires appropriate permissions to be granted from the 3CX Management Console)
  • Extensions added from a remote 3CX Phone System installation are shown in the full screen presence window immediately in the appropriate Extension Groups
  • We’ve opitimised the CPU performance when updates are received to hundreds of 3CXPhone for Windows clients, giving you much better performance and application responsiveness
  • If an incorrect value is detected in the registration timeit is automatically defaulted to 120 seconds (2 minutes) which is the optimum minimum value
  • Remove any operations on calls when extension has no rights to perform operations.
  • Fixed PNP requests being blocked because of initial 3CXPhone startup dialog. Now it will be skipped, provisioned, and automatically enabled and ready for first time use.
  • Fixed crash in updater because of corrupt update zip package.
  • Fixed bug in Phone not returning to correct screen after successful attended transfer is performed.
  • Fixed numerous issues when 3CXPhone starts after Windows resumes from sleep or hibernate modes.
  • Fixed schedule of conference when regional settings is not English.
  • Fixed Right click call operations on Remote PBX presence section in cases where Bridge configuration has no Outbound Rule Prefix configured.
  • Application crashes when active connection account is unchecked.
  • Fixed bug when multiple users are selected for chat using the search fields in the chat view.
  • Fixed bug when Remove Bridge prefix is updated. Right click Call operations on remote bridge presence is immediately updated to use the new prefix.
  • Added remote status and forwarding rules settings in Remote Bridge Presence.
  • Fixed crash on Windows XP when application is launched.
  • Fixed SSL bug when 3CXPhone is updating from server.
  • Maintain size of chat window.
  • Dialed number is cleared from (), spaces and – when pasted to dial pad, active call screen, transfer and conference number dialing views.
  • Fixed bug in UI being blocked when HOTKEY function was used.
  • Representing chat with remote 3CX PBX user in a neater way than before.
  • Fixed bug when chat messages are received whilst offline. When user logs back in, number of missed chat messages will be displayed and chat messages will be displayed.
  • Fixed issue causing stuck Queue calls.
  • Fixed deleting of chat messages.
  • Fixed bug in notification of external applications being launched for outbound calls as well.
  • Fixed launching of external applications when multiple phones are registered to the same extension.
  • Fixed but in Music on hold playing on both ends of call when call is put on hold.
  • Fixed exception thrown when sip phone is on and application starts.
  • Fixed bug when number is canceled after attended transfer procedure.

3CXPhone for Windows 12 Release Candidate client 31763.282

New Features

  • TAPI Server now included in 3CXPhone for Windows giving you the ability to launch calls from Outlook.
  • Bring up call control options by right clicking on a group member in the Presence screen.
  • Added numerous features to the Active Calls section of the Presence screen including call operations like Park, Conference, Transfer, Divert and more
  • Added Queue Active Calls and Queue Call operations in the Presence screen.
  • Added the ability for 3CXPhone to load multiple CRM plugins – useful for CRM Developers.
  • Added sorting by extension, First/Last name or Last/First name in Presence and full screen Active Calls section.
  • Added full control of IVR  (Digital Receptionist calls, IVR Calls and ability to control IVR calls) from within the Presence screen.
  • 3CXPhone installation supports roaming profiles (Uninstallation of previous version and installation of the latest version needed).
  • Launch External Application on incoming calls (using two parameters %CallerNumber% and %CallerDisplayName%).


  • Incoming calls now match.
  • Reduced Queue call delay when agent answers a call
  • Ability to quickly create a conference from an active call
  • Bug fixes in incoming calls.
  • Fixed issue in 3CXPhone for Windows showing “Unable to connect to server” constantly when connection to server is lost.
  • Fixed bug in Active calls showing incorrect Caller ID Information for 3CX to 3CX Remote Bridged calls.
  • Fixed Exception when minimizing to taskbar or system tray.
  • Improved performance of 3CXPhone for Windows.
  • Optimized 3CXPhone Start up.
  • Optimized search in the Presence window.
  • Call history page now displays time depending on Windows current regional settings.
  • Improved 3CXPhone re-connection mechanisms.
  • Now if there are multiple phones registered, 3CXPhone for Windows will work in Make Call Mode. If At least one of the devices works in CTI mode, then that device will be preferred.
  • improved the 3CXPhone dialog windows. Removed multiple windows between menu’s.

3CXPhone for Windows Version 12 Beta 30930.168


  • The Presence Information screen can now be maximised, giving you a great scope on the presence of your colleagues
  • The Active Calls section is dockable and the presence information screen can be customised to suit the user’s needs
  • Ability to control calls such as Transfer, Drop, Divert, Listen, Whisper and Barge In (Listen, Whisper and Barge In included in 3CX Phone System Pro Edition)
  • iFields help links added to 3CXPhone for Windows
  • Ability to make calls using CTI when 3CXPhone for Windows is in ‘Out of office’ mode


  • Fixed Cancel button in 3CXPhone for Windows
  • Fixed selection bug when double clicking in the presence full screen window
  • Fixed Cancel call in Yealink Phones (All)
  • Improved the 3CX API connection and reconnection methods
  • Voicemail time is now displayed correctly
  • Chat time is now displayed correctly
  • Voicemails are now sorted by the most recent

3CXPhone for Windows Version 12 Alpha 30632.140

  • Set status.
  • Login and Log out of queues.
  • Be alerted to new voice-mails.
  • New interface.
  • Network auto-sensing.
  • Easy one click auto provisioning.
  • Improved troubleshooting.
  • Ability to easily perform blind or attended transfers from the interface.
  • Multi Line – 3CXPhone can now handle multiple lines on all platforms – necessary for conferencing, attended transfer etc.
  • CTI Mode.
    • Call control of Yealink, Grandstream & snom phones.
    • Initiate calls with a mouse click
    • Easy call transfer.
    • Create conference calls
    • Uses CTI API on the phone
  • PUSH Support
  • Integrated Presence
  • View voicemails and call history
  • Ability to set status from your smartphone.

3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System Version 11

Build Version 6.26523 September 2012

  • Added: Verbose logging to help troubleshoot support issues

Build Version 6.25732

  • Fixed: 3CXPhone was previously unable to make video calls via a VoIP Provider because of an FMTP attribute issue

Build version 5.0.14900, November 2010

  • Added: 3CXPhone interoperability with Jabra Devices (Jabra PC Suite is required)
  • Added: Ability to answer calls and disconnect calls using the button on Jabra Headsets
  • Fixed: Stale registration in Phones Page node when 3CXPhone with tunnel is closed

Build version 5.0.14439,  October 2010

  • Added: Automatic early media detection
  • Added: Easy edit of blf by mouse right click
  • Added: Insert key allows you to edit phone number in 3CXPhone
  • Added: Easier editing of phone-book contacts by clicking on name fields
  • Added: Recording in MP3 stereo
  • Fixed: Bug in HTTP Provisioning
  • Fixed: Bug fix in audio sound device detection
  • Fixed: 3CX Phone reconnects when RTP/SIP ports have changed
  • Fixed: Bug in expiration timer for BLF to detect lost connection
  • Fixed: Fixed deadlock in handling video calls
  • Fixed: Bug in recording when pbx sip port is not default

Build version 4.0.13679,  August 2010

  • Fixed: Call disconnection problems when integration with Assistant is on
  • Fixed: Saving of Audio driver selection
  • Fixed: Call disconnection issue with Plantronics headset

Build version 4.0.13527,  July 2010

  • Added: Video support
  • Added: better support for early media
  • Fixed: Tunnel disconnections and re-connection issues

Build version 4.0.10858, 3 February 2010

  • Fixed: Tunnel error message when closing tunnel connection
  • Added: Help functionality
  • Added: Outbound Proxy configuration

Build version 4.0.10803, 11 January 2010

  • Fixed: OK/Cancel button now updates correctly
  • Fixed: Line counting and swapping between available lines
  • Fixed: Plantronics unplugging of device no longer disconnects the 3CX Phone
  • Fixed: Phone popup and bring to front action of phone
  • Fixed: Proper handling of 3CXPhone when computer is in hibernate/standby state
  • Fixed: Registration issues when host computer logs off or shuts down
  • Added: Voicemail number is now configurable upon installation of this version.  Particularly useful in countries where 999 is a special service number
  • Added: IgnoreSndCheck parameter in INI file so when set to 1, it allows the 3CX Phone to register without audio drivers installed – (Useful for troubleshooting on server machine where 3CX is installed)
  • Added: SIP domain field to avoid 403-forbidden issue on providers requiring a SIP domain to register
  • Added: UseTransferDialog parameter to ini file which, when set to 1, allows transfers by dialog as opposed to the normal transfer method .
  • Added /Updated New Languages for the 3CX Phone available for download from Preferences/Languages section/Others
    Available languages include:  Chinese, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish

Build version 4.0.9878, 11 November 2009

  • Added: New tunnel with reduced bandwidth
  • Fixed: Phone freeze when Network disconnects
  • Fixed: Recording bug fixed one way audio recorded calls
  • Fixed: Missed calls reported in 3CXPhone on Answered ring groups
  • Fixed: TLS issue
  • Improved: Plantronics support call handling

Build version 4.0.9530

  • Fixed: Sound drivers and audio devices selection – hardware detection improvements
  • Fixed: Registration timeout – reduced registration spam
  • Fixed: No response on incoming call
  • Fixed: Bug in forward to voicemail
  • Fixed: Forwarding issue and disconnection in a tunnel connection scenario
  • Added: Transfers through missed calls using cursor keys.
  • Changed: Hold display and transfers mechanism

Build version 4.0.8913 25 August 2009

  • Complete new interface

Build version 3.8571 31 July 2009

  • Feature: Option to choose if using “+” or converting to “00”
  • Feature: Secure RTP and secure SIP
  • Feature: Stealing focus by popup
  • BugFix: Authentication failed when auth ID/pass contains language-dependent characters
  • BugFix: Option to suppress early sounds to avoid dual ringing sounds on several voip providers
  • BugFix: Removed display flickering
  • BugFix: Removed transparency support
  • BugFix: Fixed a bug when swithcing lines
  • BugFix: Close plantronics when user cancel a dialing line.
  • BugFix: Properly turn-on/off visual indicators when logging-off
  • BugFix: Avoid “403 Forbidden” error on INVITE
  • BugFix: Instant closing of dialing lines is now possible

Build version 3.6288 24 April 2009

  • Updated: Tunnel to work with 7.1

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