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Break Free From Your Outdated Phone System

Replacing your legacy phone system may seem like a luxury rather than a must if it’s still functional. After all, your employees can complete basic business tasks using the current system, so why should you be in a rush to make a change?

While that line of thinking is understandable, it ignores one crucial point: Your current system may provide rudimentary functionality, but it drastically limits your communications capabilities. Moving to a best-in-class IP PBX system that replaces hardware-based PBX can break the chains holding your business communications down by helping you:

Cut Communications Costs

A legacy phone system requires hardware updates and repairs which can be quite costly and a hassle. Conversely, IP PBX relies on software, so you can get rid of your hardware and the maintenance expenses that go with it. Additionally, with IP PBX, you can add more phone lines simply and easily through a Web portal. With traditional systems, scaling may require you to pay for licensing, outside consulting and additional hardware, all major drains on your bottom line.

Improve Mobile Productivity

Whether they work from home or travel extensively for business, remote workers are more prevalent than ever before. In fact, according to a recent report from Forrester, 29 percent of global workers are now “anytime, anywhere information workers,” meaning they use three or more devices from multiple locations. Even office-based workers now expect employers to provide mobile capabilities that allow them to stay on top of important business when they leave the building. Top-flight IP PBX systems provide your company’s employees with the tools they need to stay productive, including:

  • Call forwarding that can be configured based on time-of-day or Caller ID rules
  • Preferences that users can configure through a Web portal
  • Unified communications features like presence, unified faxing and voicemail to email

Make Life Easier for IT

Managing a legacy system with complex, archaic interfaces is a major time drain for IT. Conversely, IP PBX offers a Web-based console through which administrators can easily add extensions or make other changes without contacting the vendor. Limiting the time IT staff spend managing and controlling the phone system frees them up for more mission-critical tasks that can help your business grow.

Are You Ready?

Are you intrigued by the possibilities an IP PBX phone system holds for your organization? If you are ready to make a change and transform your business communications, click here to read our brochure and learn more.


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