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What’s the Most Precious Business Commodity?

Quick—what’s your business’s most valuable asset? You can certainly make an argument for your outstanding employees. Or perhaps it’s your available capital or your top-selling product? Any of these answers is certainly reasonable, but there is another option equally deserving of your consideration: feedback from customers.

As any experienced business professional understands, a large and loyal customer base allows companies to thrive more than any other factor. After all, customers generate the funds that help you retain your best employees by providing competitive salaries, and enable you to invest in and, ultimately, launch new products.

The tricky thing about customers, however, is that their needs evolve over time. When technology advances and competition grows stiffer, expectations rise. In other words, what satisfied customers two years ago may not be good enough today. For that reason, gathering information from customers continually is paramount, as it allows you to make informed decisions based on their priorities.

At 3CX, we’ve created a unique method for keeping our finger on the pulse of customer demand. The 3CX Ideas application on our website is an open invitation for our users to share their thoughts about what features and functionality they’d like added to our 3CX Phone System. We prioritize the feedback we get from this application and the best ideas are considered for inclusion. Our customers are the ones using our products, so who better to help us improve them?

And in using that feedback to improve our products, we’ve enabled our customers to stay better connected to their own customers with solutions like:

3CX CRM Integration Module

Are you looking to upgrade your CRM without replacing it? Fortunately, the 3CX Integration Module allows you to integrate 3CX Phone System without disturbing your existing solution. The module works by searching your current CRM to see if the number for an incoming call matches anything in your current system. If there is a match on the Caller ID, the module notifies you—or whoever receives the incoming call—with a screen pop-up that includes the contact’s information.

3CX Phone System Pro Edition

If you need complete call center functionality from your 3CX Phone System, the Pro Edition gives you everything you’ll need right out of the box. The product comes with features—such as Microsoft Exchange integration and superior call reporting—you’ll rarely find baked into other PBX systems. The 3CX Phone System Pro Edition also offers:

  • Cross-office presence
  • Call queues that allow customers to hang up and retain their position
  • Reporting and real-time call statistics to keep agents focused
  • Caller ID

3CX WebMeeting

Sometimes a videoconference is the best way to communicate with and get feedback from VIP customers. 3CX built its WebMeeting solution on WebRTC technology, which means the customer doesn’t have to download any clients or plug-ins to enter the meeting. Once you launch the meeting, you simply send a link and the other attendees click on it to enter the meeting via a Web browser. After all, providing great service means making the customer’s life as easy as possible.

Start With a Best-of-Breed PBX

Nearly every business relies on a PBX system for communications. But what that PBX system offers in terms of features and flexibility is often the difference between staying on top of what customers need and falling out of touch. The software-based 3CX Phone System gives you exactly what you need to make your customers feel valued … the rest is up to you.

Click here to visit the 3CX Ideas page and see how we stay in touch with our valued customers.

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