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Why Cost Savings Alone Are Enough to Switch to IP-PBX

The IP-PBX telephony market is trending upwards across the globe as businesses of all sizes are reaping the benefits of its cost savings. The IP telephony market itself is expected to exceed $17 billion by 2019 according to the Dell’Oro Group, a sign of its increasing popularity.

If you’re on the fence about switching your legacy PBX system in for an IP solution due to technical concerns – leave your worries behind because the costs savings alone are bound to sweep you off your feet.

All that IP-PBX means is that your telephony system will be conducted via the Internet rather than through the jumble of wiring which is most likely filling up your office’s electrical closet. Imagine freeing up that space?

Your neighboring businesses are realizing up to 70 percent in cost savings by simply upgrading their telephony system. Here are a few reasons why IP-PBX phone systems can serve as a financial relief at your company:

Reduced Service Costs

Hardwires mean maintenance, and maintenance fees can be quite steep. IP-PBX systems require little to no need for repair since physical phone lines are replaced with advanced solutions – such as SIP trunks—that conduct calls over the Internet.

Eliminate Long Distance Fees

IP telephony also releases your business from long distance call charges. Connect each cross-country or overseas division of your organization with the same advanced phone system and take pleasure in free long distance communication.

Add Phones Lines Anytime

“Old style” phone systems are complex to scale. A multitude of supplementary hardwires are required and the associated fee that comes along with the service, making this process more difficult than necessary. IP telephone systems allow business to grow as they please, adding extensions whenever needed and free of charge.

Still not convinced? Then we invite you to continue your research.

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