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Saying Goodbye to the Traditional Workplace

The traditional workplace environment is quickly becoming a concept of the past. Thanks to the advent of unified communications (UC) solutions that include mobile collaboration tools, the workplace has expanded to include just about any location.

This trend is growing increasingly popular amongst businesses and shows no sign of slowing down, either. In fact, research suggests that by 2022, about 60 percent of office-based employees will work regularly from home; furthermore, one third of workers think that by 2036, commuting to work will be almost entirely pointless.

The reality, however, is that your business does not have to wait until 2036 to fully embrace the many benefits of remote working (like happier workers, reduced costs and greater productivity). Through the use of a software-based PBX that includes UC features, your office can confidently allow workers to engage in telecommuting from home in 2015.

How can this technology facilitate telecommuting? Well, for example, you may not be able to see whether someone is at his or her desk while you are working remotely, but through the use of presence information on a mobile device, you can see whether a coworker is available to receive a call to his or her desktop or is out to lunch and can be reached with a text message.

Text messaging, for that matter, can be leveraged via a UC solution that spares you from having to rely on third party messaging systems. Furthermore, UC features like unified messaging that collects voicemail, email, and inbound faxes in one mailbox streamline communications and increases productivity. A user could, for instance, receive an inbound fax via smartphone and forward it to co-workers users—all without needing fax machine hardware.

And that type of example means that four walls no longer define your office.

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