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Say Goodbye to Vendor Lock-in—Mix and Match Your Phone System

You started your business with your own unique vision and mission. So, shouldn’t everything that follows address your unique parameters—that is, be “your way or the highway”? This objective can’t be realized, however, if you’re experiencing communications limitations imposed by vendor lock-in. You need to get out from under this yoke if you want to craft a business phone system that meets your company’s specific needs.

Luckily, best-in-class phone system providers that offer IP-PBX business communication solutions eliminate restrictions imposed by proprietary vendors. For instance, with a flexible IP-PBX provider, you can configure your phone system the way you see fit. You can choose to use SIP phones, VoIP gateways, or even integrate IP phone lines with your office’s traditional PTSN for a smooth transition to Internet telephony.

With IP-enabled telephony, the configuration of your phone system is up to you, not your vendor. For example, say you want to gradually, i.e., not in one fell swoop, transition to an entirely IP-based phone system. When you integrate a VoIP gateway of your choosing, which can be installed by the provider, i.e., leaving your IT staff free for other mission-critical activities, you can easily connect IP-PBX phone lines with your on-premises PSTN.

If you want instant IP-telephony, instead—as you’ve done your research and understand that Internet-based phone systems cut telecom costs and improve overall functionality—the switch is simple. In fact, with a provider that allows you to mix and match your phone system accoutrements, you can still use traditional hardware, such as desk phones, but manage phone lines over a computer-based interface. For example, SIP phones provide businesses with the comfort of a traditional desk phone—as opposed to a headset which can often be used with computer-based phone systems—while operating via the Internet.

With a proprietary vendor, this type of integration might not be available. And, even if your proprietary vendor does offer SIP phones or VoIP gateways, those options are most likely accompanied by an exorbitant fee due to vendor-specific licensing.

So, run your business the way you want, including the freedom to configure a customized phone system specifically to your needs.

By |June 27th, 2015|Comments Off on Say Goodbye to Vendor Lock-in—Mix and Match Your Phone System

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