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Three Signs Your Business Communications Need Rescuing

Are problems with your organization’s communications capabilities causing you to wave a white flag in defeat? Your phone system is the likely culprit. Luckily telephony solutions, like an IP-PBX system, can bail you out of trouble.

Below are three surefire signs that your business’s phone system needs rescuing:

Costly Service

Do the incoming bills from your provider—from repairs to adding extra lines to long-distance calls—ever end? It’s hard to focus on improving communication among internal and remote offices when you’re saddled by immense telephone fees. IP-PBX systems are a perfect solution to squelch the steam coming from your ears each time you receive a phone bill. Make the switch and enjoy little to no repairs and free additional phone lines; furthermore, connect remote offices with a bridge to eliminate long-distance charges.

Growing Pains

A growing organization has one major concern in terms of communication: scalability. If your phone system is limiting the connections among new office locations—be it lack of phone lines or high costs—it’s time to look for a more flexible solution. One of the best advantages of an IP-PBX system is the opportunity for unlimited cost-efficient and quick scalability, so your phone system can grow along with your business.

Poor Connections With Colleagues

It’s a hard-hitting realization to find out your long-distance employees don’t know local employees’ names. Tear down the wall that’s obstructing free-flowing interoffice collaboration. Brainstorming leads to further innovation, so, if your phone system is suppressing the production of new ideas, it’s time to kick it to the curb. IP-PBX allows easier connection among remote offices and, with the integration of a robust UC feature set, employees across the country can pick and choose from different platforms to initiate communication with one another.

Stop letting your phone system woes influence your business communications. Put down your flag and, instead, reign victorious by switching to an IP-PBX solution.

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