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Using Unified Communications to Establish a Collaborative Culture

Say your organization already consists of sales, marketing, and digital content divisions and is on a path of continued development. Your company is also comprised of foreign locations, spanning several continents. While this growth is remarkable, the distances may be thwarting effective business collaboration.

If you are still relying on a legacy PBX system as your primary means of communication, you may be in desperate need of a robust UC (unified communications) solution to augment inter-department partnership. Noticing a rift forming between marketing and sales? Advanced methods of communication are available to help unite co-workers who may feel disconnected.

Rich features included in UC systems are successful in establishing collaborative culture for the following purposes:

Find the Right Colleague for the Job

Presence allows employees to see the status and availabilities of their colleagues in all departments and foreign offices in a single interface. A sales executive can pinpoint the team member he or she needs an immediate answer from while avoiding the process of calling several different numbers, holding, and being transferred. Eliminating the guesswork in tracking down teammates promotes improved connectivity.

Real-Time Brainstorming Ability

Text chat and instant messaging are an open invitation to casual collaboration at the drop of a hat. No matter where you or your employees are physically, sending and receiving messages in real time paves the way for more consistent and convenient interactions.

Never Miss a Beat

Say goodbye to wasting time waiting in the office for an important phone call from your over-seas colleagues. Stay mobile while remaining reachable at your desk extension. A robust UC system includes mobile clients, meaning you can be reached at one number regardless of your location. What’s even better? If you miss the call your voicemail will be sent to your email, allowing you to return the call without returning to the office.

What good is your internal development if the growth itself doesn’t boast incredible team collaboration? Upgrading to a best-in-class UC system could save your business’ team mentality.


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