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What If You Had More Time? Learn How Softphones Can Help

Do you ever feel like the days are slipping away and you’re constantly racing against the clock? This is a frustrating, but universal, feeling that resonates with most business executives. What if there was a simple solution that could help you make better use of the time you have? The good news: there is! Replacing your legacy telephony system with a softphone solution can help you save time. Here are three ways using a softphone does just that:

Less Maintenance

Possess all the functionality of an IP phone system free from the encumbrances of copper wires. Phone lines that operate using SIP trunk standards eliminate the need for physical wiring. This means little to no maintenance with added utility. Want an added bonus? Softphones are simple to use so IT managers and CIOs won’t have to fumble through tech training to install the new phone system.

Less Jet-Lag

Traveling to remote office locations sounded like a perk at first, but airport downtime, long flights and jet-lag are costing you hours of productivity. Installing a softphone at your organization that includes a robust UC feature set can cut the need for traveling. This is because a softphone allows for free or low-cost international calling, not to mention advanced real-time Webconferencing capabilities—so you can host the next meeting over the Internet and save yourself a trip.

More Work-From-Home Ability

Let’s say a bout of the stomach bug slams your entire office. Normally, much productivity would be lost due to poor remote working capabilities. With a softphone, your entire office directory, with desk extension accessibility, is available on your desktop, laptop or smartphone. Never miss a beat even if you or your team can’t collaborate under one roof.

Stop wishing you had more time! Upgrade your organization’s communication system with 3CX Phone System to include softphone technology and seize the day!

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