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Are You Neglecting Your UC System’s Potential?

If you’ve just implemented a unified communications (UC) system into your phone system infrastructure, then you now have a vastly expanded and improved set of features and functionality at your fingertips. However, if you’re not making the most of all that robust functionality, you’re not getting the full benefit that your unified communications system has to offer.

Don’t let the potential of your UC system go untapped. Here are a few features to explore:

Web conferencing

Make business meetings more efficient, even if the participants are located on different continents. Seamless connection is available at the click of a button thanks to the integration of WebRTC. This is an important benefit that UC has to offer in today’s global business environment. Join a meeting with a single click—there’s no need to spend precious time downloading or updating software or missing out on important conversations because your device is missing a plug-in. UC gives you the ability to participate in face-to-face conversations, even if you’re an ocean away.

Voicemail and Fax-to-Email

When employees are traveling to visit clients or your sales force is on-the-go, the UC system that is now integrated with your phone system will help them stay seamlessly connected. Integrated UC features allow your users to access their messages and receive calls instantly from anywhere. As such, your employees’ productivity levels don’t have to suffer when they are away from the office. They can remain up to speed and in constant communication regardless of their location.

Status Updates

Integrated UC functionality enables you to view the status of colleagues and coworkers instantly, by way of a feature called “presence.” This enables your employees to sidestep the endless call transfers that often occur when employees aren’t aware of their colleagues’ current location. With presence, colleagues can see each others’ availability straight from their desktop interface.

Utilize all the UC features your newly enhanced phone system has to offer, and discover how they augment your business’ everyday best practices.

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