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How to Make a Conference Call Using Snom 715/710

conference snom 715 710In this example we will demonstrate how to make a conference call using Snom 715/710.





Conference Call

  • Make or Answer a call.

conference snom 715 710

  • Press the “Line 2” button to make another call. The caller in Line 1 will be put on hold.
  • Dial a number and press “OK” (check mark).

conference snom 715 710

  • Press the “Cnf.On” soft key to merge the calls from Line 1 and Line 2.

conference snom 715 710

  • To end the conference call, while “Conference” is selected on the screen (indicated by a triangle “>” next to it) press “X“.
  • To talk privately to a participant select him/her using the UP and DOWN arrows and press “OK” (check mark). The other participants will be put on hold. Press the “Cnf.On” soft key to return.
  • To place a participant on hold select him/her using the UP and DOWN arrows and press the “Hold” soft key. Press  the “Cnf.On” soft key to return the participant to the conference.
  • To drop a participant from the conference select him/her using the UP and DOWN arrows and press “X“.

A conference with up to four participants (yourself and three others) can be made using this procedure.

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