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Cutting costs and becoming more efficient with an IP PBX

If you are running a business and have been waiting for the right moment to take cost-cutting measures seriously, this is undoubtedly the time to do just that.

To ensure serious cost savings, one of the first things organizations should look into is how to make their systems more efficient and their staff more productive with the help of the appropriate business tools.

A VoIP Phone System, such as 3CX, is one of those tools that can contribute greatly towards keeping a business afloat during difficult financial times in more than one way:

Cheaper phone bills:  With 3CX you can create rules to leverage the lower costs of local and international phone calls using a VoIP provider, whilst still being able to make and receive calls via the standard PSTN with the use a VoIP gateway.  For example, if calls from your city to Japan are cheaper using your VoIP provider but calls to Ireland are cheaper via a traditional provider you can then set up the IP PBX to manage the calls accordingly.  This way you can be certain that you and your staff are always calling with the cheapest rates available in the market.

Less expensive equipment: Let’s assume that your business is growing. Adding lines and extensions using a traditional PBX means being forced to pay for costly expansion modules and buying vendor-dependant equipment. With an IP PBX all you need to buy is a SIP hardware phone of your choice,or simply install a SIP software phone on the user’s computer and get him/her a headset with microphone.  Everything else is done with a few clicks of the mouse from the management console.

More efficient management: With a simple interface like the one that 3CX offers, network administrators do not need to call a telephone system expert to configure and administer their IP PBX.  The set up and management is straight forward, saving IT staff time and avoiding hefty consultancy costs.

Use of presence:  3CX inbuilt presence feature allows users to see the status of other users allowing for savings on costly ‘phone-tag’ time. Research has shown that employees waste too many hours per week trying to reach colleagues that are unavailable to answer their calls.

Integration with business applications: Another great time-saving and hence cost-saving feature available on an IP PBX based on Windows is that the software works seamlessly with many popular business applications.  If, for example, one of your employees needs to call a client, instead of opening MS Outlook to look for the contact’s phone number and then having to dial it on the phone, all that needs to be done is to right click on the contact’s name on Outlook and the call is no only dialed but also logged automatically. Same feature applies for incoming calls when the customer’s contact details pop-up the minute that the call is received helping the employee be more efficient in his business communications.

Tele-working: Is there a general strike in your city and your workers cannot show up to the office?  Maybe some terrible weather conditions that keep everybody stranded at home? Or your ‘star’ salesman needs to spend the next couple of weeks working from home? With an IP PBX you don’t need to stop business and lose money for any of these reasons.  Business continuity can be ensured even if your entire staff is working from home as they can be seamlessly connected with the company’s phone system from wherever they are.

One single network: Traditional PBX offerings lack flexibility and represent poor value. It is a waste of resources to buy a dedicated black box with its own complicated language and administration management needs to handle phone functions, when it can all be done from one single network based on Windows that have both voice and data.

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