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How Using a Softphone Will Boost Customer Service Quality

By deploying software telephones (softphones), your employees can make and receive VoIP calls from their smartphones or laptops over your local network, Wi-Fi or cellular data network, such as 3G and 4G. The ability to take your phone extension with you anywhere will enable your employees to improve their productivity and provide better service to your customers. No longer will customers’ calls go unanswered or to someone unfamiliar with their account.

Most softphones come with a  rich feature set—including auto attendant, voice mail, call queuing and more—since they are software-based. Our 3CX Phone System SIP client allows users to see the presence and status of their associates and easily set up conference calls with clients. Other softphone features that will significantly improve the quality of your customer service include:

  • View call history: See all account activity in centralized dashboard and respond to important contacts quickly. You can see details for all your outbound, inbound and missed calls, including date and time, phone number, name (if known) and call status. Our one-click callback feature instantly dials the selected number.
  • Manage voice mail: Keep current on all your client calls. Depending on the forwarding option you have chosen, your callers may opt to leave a voice message on your extension. You can then access these messages directly from your 3CXPhone. Unlistened to calls will show up as a blue icon on your 3CXPhone dial screen.
  • Attended and blind transfers: Whether you let your associate know who’s calling and why or transfer customers blind, one thing’s for sure—even if you’re half way around the world, you will get your customer to the person who can address his or her concerns quickly.
  • Leverage one single number: Take your extension with you, eliminating use of cellphone numbers and generating a professional image.

To learn more about our 3CX Phone System’s inbuilt softphone for Windows and Mac, click here.

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