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How to Install Multi Line TAPI

  1. The 3CX Multi Line TAPI Installation is part of 3CXPlugins. Download the installer from here and launch it.

  1. When prompted, select Multiline TAPI Driver.

  1. During the installation you will be asked to enter the extension numbers followed by the names of the users having these extensions. You can create up to 5 entries from here, and more can be added once the installation is complete by editing the configuration file
    . Press Next to continue.
  2. Launch the 3CX app for Windows and start making calls from your TAPI enabled app.

Adding more lines

If you need to add more lines to your installation, edit the following configuration file:


Editing this configuration file is very easy. Just follow the same structure, adding as many lines as you need, one line per extension:

Extension Number,Name

After all modifications are done, save the file and exit. Ensure that the file is saved in UTF-8 encoding so press “Save as” and toggle the encoding to UTF-8 before pressing Save.

For the changes to come into effect, the “Telephony” service needs to be restarted.

Note: The above shows 3 users - 100, 101 and 102. It is important that on Line 1 (the session of James Carr), TAPI is configured to work with the entry of extension 100 - James Carr, and the 3CX App for Windows is provisioned with extension 100. If the 3CX app for Windows is configured with an extension number that does not match the selected TAPI line, TAPI will not work and you will get an “Unknown Session” error.

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