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3CX Demo Script

Hi my name is XXX and welcome to your demo of 3CX. Today I will briefly present 3CX after which, a live demo of the PBX itself will follow.

Slide 1 - What is 3CX

What is 3CX?

  • 3CX is an open-platform PBX which can scale up to 10,000 extensions
  • It’s future-proof so your initial investment is never wasted. 3CX grows with your company.
  • We currently have 250,000 active commercial installations of 3CX
  • And it’s available in 3 editions: Standard, PRO, Enterprise

On the 3CX website you can find an edition comparison table to see which features are included in which editions

(Provide link in chat window:

Slide 2 - About 3CX

So, Who is 3CX?

  • 3CX was founded in 2005
  • And has offices in 16 countries around the world
  • Some of 3CX’s major global clients include Boeing, Wilson Sporting Goods, Pepsi, American Express and more

Slide 3 - Agenda

Now moving on to what will be covered today:

  • 3CX: a PBX that you can deploy anywhere
  • The self managing PBX: We don't call it zero admin for nothing!
  • How can 3CX slash your telco costs
  • Which Unified Communications features are included - softphones, smartphone apps, web conferencing, presence, voicemail and fax to email and more
  • Q&A session - I encourage you to write down your questions during the presentation and demo and share them with me during the Q&A

Now let’s get started!

Slide 4 - How is 3CX different? “Deploy Anywhere”

Unlike other PBXs, 3CX is the only PBX that gives you plenty of deployment options. And I’m not just talking about on-premise or in the cloud, which of course are both available.

If you opt for the on-premise option you can choose between Windows or Linux. You can install 3CX on your existing server and virtualize it or on a low-cost Mini PC appliance.

If you go for the cloud option you can choose to host it yourself in your own cloud account, using our easy 5-step installation wizard, the PBX Express. You can choose between Google Cloud, Amazon Lightsail, Microsoft Azure, OVH, AWS or any OpenStack VPS provider. You can even use a free Google account to host 3CX for one year.

Don’t want to host it yourself? No worries, we can host it for you. So there you have it! The choice is entirely up to you.

Slide 5 - Zero Admin

PBX admin can be a huge headache for many companies. You want something that just works. No ongoing maintenance and no overheads. We get that! And that’s why 3CX created the most easy to manage PBX in the market. So what makes 3CX so different when it comes to admin and management:

  • First of all it’s self-manageable, it’s so easy to manage that there’s no need to go through extensive training or call in an external consultant when you want to add an extension.
  • There are ready Configuration templates for supported IP Phones and Gateways as well as inbuilt templates for easy configuration of VoIP Providers / SIP Trunks.
  • Complete IP Phone management from the console.
  • Extension setup and management are done from the management console and you can deploy 3CX clients on your smartphone via a QR code (I’ll show you just how easy this is during the live demo).
  • Inbuilt backup and restore.

And that’s not even half of it! During our live demo I’ll take you on a tour of the management console so you can see all this and more for yourself!

Slide 6 - Slash your telco costs

Reducing ongoing costs is important for any business regardless of type or size. With 3CX your ongoing communications costs can be reduced by up to 80%. Yes, you heard that right, 80%! How is this possible? By using SIP Trunks, WebRTC & Softphones. Also, with the easy management of the PBX you can save on third-party consultant fees.

Additionally, 3CX’s licensing model is so competitive you are bound to see those ongoing telco costs drop. Allow me to elaborate. Your average PBX costs you $20-$30 per extension, per month. 3CX’s pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls, which means you can have unlimited extensions! In a nutshell, no per-extension pricing!

Slide 7 - Work from anywhere - the 3CX Apps

With 3CX you really never have to miss a call again. With an integrated web app, iOS and Android smartphone apps as well as softphone clients for Windows and Mac, you really can take your extension with you wherever you are.

All apps can be used simultaneously and you can control your deskphone from your desktop using CTI mode. What’s more, you can easily schedule audio or even web conferences directly from the clients, so you can attend face-to-face meetings wherever you are. 

I will show you just how easy our apps are to configure in a few minutes, during this live demo. To participate head on over to the App Store or Google Play now and download the 3CX app, not the 3CX WebMeeting App.

Slide 8 - Unified Communications features

And of course we haven’t forgot about the traditional UC features that one would expect from their PBX, which are bundled into 3CX at NO ADDITIONAL cost! 3CX offers presence information, Voicemail and Fax to Email, Chat, company and private phone book as well as advanced reporting and queue strategies.

Additionally, 3CX also has click2call functionality from any browser or CRM as well as integration with major CRM systems such as Salesforce, Google Contacts, Office 365 and more. And last but not least the web conferencing feature which we are currently using for this demo.

Live demo

There’s no better way to show you 3CX’s unique and advanced features than with a live demo. So let’s get started!

This is the management console dashboard. The management console is the admin interface of 3CX. The dashboard gives you an overview of critical system information such as memory, disk and CPU usage. At the bottom here you can see the event log which informs you of any warnings or errors that may occur. On the left here we have the main menu which is really self explanatory!

Let’s create an extension!

[go to the node “Extensions’”]

During installation you are required to create a minimum of one extension. As you can see in this case we already have some extensions.

Let’s create another one and while we’re at it, we’ll also go through some basic extension settings:

[1. Click on “add” and fill in the fields “First Name -> Participants” and “Last Name -> Sales Demo”.

2. Go to the tab “Options” and untick “Disallow use of extension outside the LAN”

3. Click “OK” on top to create extension.]

And that’s it! I think it took us just a few seconds. With 3CX, regardless of your licence size you can create UNLIMITED extensions. As mentioned before there’s no per extension licensing.

There are several ways to configure an endpoint. Deskphones can be configured via plug and play, LAN or Remote Provisioning Server. The clients are configurable via welcome email or QR code.

I’m going to show you how to configure an extension via QR code. For those of you who downloaded the 3CX App I’ll just ask you to scan the QR code in a short while so have your phones ready.

I will log in to the web client of extension 002 so we can configure it on your smartphones. The login credentials are included in the welcome email for this extension. I will quickly look it up in the management console.

[Management Console -> Extensions -> 002 -> Scroll down to Web Authentication, show and copy the password. IMPORTANT: Right Click the Web Client and select Open in an incognito Window! Then log in with 002 and the password.]

[Click on the account in the upper right corner and click on “Show QR Code”]

Open the 3CX app on your smartphone. In the welcome screen select “Scan QR Code” and scan the code on the screen. Via the QR code the 3CX App receives the configuration for your extension and will automatically connect.

I will go back to the Web Client of my extension, so that you can see what happens when a call comes in.

[Change back to the WebClient of extension 001 which should still be open in your normal browser.]

Now dial my extension here “001” and we can talk. First come first served!

[Ask for the name and where the participant comes from….]

That’s how easy it is to setup and configure extensions. And that’s not the only task that is easy to complete with 3CX!


Let’s take a look at how easy it is to add a SIP Trunk:

[1. Go to the node “SIP Trunks” and click on “Add SIP Trunk”

2. Select the respective Country and choose a provider]

These are the providers for the selected country. You can also choose “Generic” in the country selection to use a provider of your choice. Please note that only the providers listed here are officially supported.

You will receive a number or a number block from your provider. Enter the main number here:

[Enter a number with country code followed by a number, e.g. 004912345678]

You now see the settings coming from the template of this provider. You need to select the authentication type. You get this information when you get your Trunk. Also you need to enter the authentication information in order to connect to your trunk.

[Enter in the field “Authentication ID (aka SIP User ID)” Test User and in “Authentication Password” Testpassword.]

Here you see where to route the calls to when a caller dials this number. Usually the Operator. You can distinguish how to route calls during and outside office hours and add specific office hours for this trunk.

[Click OK to save the Trunk]

As you can see it is very easy to create a trunk. The trunk I just configured appears in red as I didn’t use a real account. Once a trunk is properly configured it will appear in green and you are ready make and receive calls.

You can even configure DID’s and route them to specific destinations in the phone system. Like this, every extension, queue, ring group, digital receptionist etc. can have their own external number. You also need to set inbound and outbound rules which is very easy and also documented in our administration manual which you can find online.

We won’t go into the details of configuration right now, but as you can see it is very easy to add a SIP trunk.


[Show Web Client of extension 001 - your extension]

Last but not least I am going to show you 3CX’s integrated web conferencing.

We’re already using this feature for the purpose of this demo. But allow me to demonstrate how you can set up a meeting with one click.

In the Web Client you can schedule conferences.

[Click on “Schedule Conference”]

Conferences include standard audio conference calls and Video Conferences. When you click on Scheduling you can invite participants by entering their email address. They will receive an invitation email with a calendar notification and audio conference details to call or a link to participate in a video conference.

Let’s setup a one click ad-hoc video conference. You can do this by clicking on “WebMeeting” in the Web Client or in the Windows Client:

[In the Web Client click on “WebMeeting”]

To add participants click on the first icon next to the 3CX logo in the main navigation bar, or share a public link.

[Click on “Link” in the upper right corner and paste the link into the chat of the live demo meeting, not the webmeeting you have just opened.]

I pasted the link in the chat, so if you want to join just click on it.

[Say hello and close the webmeeting again]

WebMeeting has much more to offer than basic video conferencing. You can record sessions, share your screen or a presentation, create polls, remote control and there’s also a White Board.

[Quickly hover over the features in the main navigation bar]

Besides starting web meetings, every extension and call queue can also have their own webmeeting room. Imagine you publish the webmeeting link of your support queue on your website with a button “call us”. You will receive the call, see the customer and you can even remote control their PC and fix issues. All with one click!

[End the webmeeting of extension 001 and switch back to the Webinar WebMeeting, stop sharing your screen]

As you have seen, 3CX offers a full UC package including advanced telephony, smartphone apps, Video Conferencing and much more in one system with one licence. All features are for all users and there’s no restriction on the number of extensions. You can try all these features for FREE by downloading our free edition or by signing up for the PBX Express. It’s free for unlimited users!

Fire up your own demo

Want to try it out yourself? Then download 3CX or try it in the cloud, for free for up to 1 year, including hosting!

[Start Screen Sharing and show the download page:

It’s really that simple. Otherwise, you can get in touch with one of our team members who will be happy to assist.

Thanks for watching. And now, for our Q&A session. You can start typing your questions in the chat box.

[Stop Screen Sharing]

[Q&As: Don’t get too caught up with technical questions. Focus on the questions regarding the product or 3CX. You can refer very technical questions to the documentation on the website or to the technical webinars]

Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment:


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