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Provisioning a snom 320, 360, 370, 7xx and 8xx for 3CX Phone System

3CX supports the snom desktop 3xx, 7xx, and 8xx series and this guide will show you how to provision snom 320, 360, 370, 7xx, and 8xx phones with firmware version for 3CX Phone System.

The easiest way to set up a snom phone for use with 3CX Phone System is to use the built-in plug and play provisioning functionality inside 3CX Phone System. This will allow the phone to configure itself by retrieving a 3CX-generated phone configuration file. Alternatively, you can configure the phone using DHCP and option 66. For more information, see this configuration guide.

Step 1: Verify Firmware Installed on Your Phone

Verify the firmware version currently installed on the phone is the correct one as specified above. Older firmwares may not have the plug and play feature. To do this, power up the phone and click on Menu > Information > Status Info. If needed, go to the snom Support Website to download the correct firmware for your phone.

Step 2: Plug Phone into the Network

Plug your snom phone into your LAN. (The Phone must be on the same LAN as 3CX Phone System).

Step 3: Approve Phone and Assign an Extension

This image shows you how to assign an extension to a snom phone using the 3CX Management Console

Now you need to approve the IP phone registration and assign an extension. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. In the 3CX Management Console, go the ‘Phones node’.
  2. The phone you just plugged in will appear at the top of the list in bold.
  3. Now right click on the IP phone and select from 2 available options:
    • ‘Add Extension’ – this will create a new extension.
    • ‘Assign to existing extension’ – this will assign an existing extension.
  4. Now Assign or Create an extension and click ‘OK’.
  5. You will be taken to the ‘Edit Extension’ settings page.
  6. You can now optionally configure BLF keys or speed dials. For more details on how to do this, see Step 4 below.
  7. Click ‘OK’. 3CX Phone System will send a provisioning link to the phone. The phone will reboot and apply the configuration. The phone will then be ready for use.

Step 4: Optional – Configure BLF Function Keys

snom phones have function keys that can be provisioned through the 3CX Plug and Play feature. This can be done in the 3CX Management Console from the “Phone Provisioning” tab in the extension settings.

Shows you how to configure a BLF on a snom SIP phone using the 3CX Management Console

  1. In the Edit Extension page, navigate to the ‘Phone Provisioning’ tab.
  2. Select ‘Codec Priority’ and ‘Phone LCD Display Language’.
  3. Configure function keys for BLF, Shared Parking and various types of Speed Dials.
  4. Click ‘OK’. The phone will reboot and provision automatically.

Congratulations! You have configured a new snom phone using the 3CX Plug and Play feature.

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