Configuring Topex Mobilink GSM Gateway with 3CX

IMPORTANT: This device has been tested for Voice using Firmware Version Mobilink-IP-1.2.13-C2P-SDX

Setting up the Topex Mobilink IP

  1. Insert a SIM card into the Mobilink IP by opening the simtray by pressing the small yellow button with (for example) a pen. Insert the SIM card in the tray and slide the tray back in. Also, ensure both antennae are connected to the device.
  2. Start up the device and connect it to the network. The default IP address of the device is  If your network uses a different subnet, please consult the Topex manual to see how to connect to this IP.
  3. Using a web browser, connect to If you get any security warnings or messages, proceed to the Topex device’s web console. When it opens, click on “Administration” in the left pane, which will prompt you to log in. Note that the default username is “admin” and the default password is “99admin11”.
  4. If you need to change the network settings to fit your subnet, select the “Network” > “IP Settings” option in the left pane and adjust as required. Click on the “Save” button, then click the “Commit” button on the left side and allow the device to reboot. When it loads, you can access the device on the new IP address.
  5. If you have a pin code on the SIM card, you need to set this.

Setting the PIN on the SIM card

    1. Select the “Mobile” > “Settings” option in the left pane and click the “Edit” link in the “Action” column.
    2. Now click on the “More” link.

      You can now insert the PIN of the SIM card in the PIN field.
    3. Click the “Save” button, followed by the “Commit” button.

      You can check the status of the mobile/SIM card connection by selecting the “Mobile” > “Status” option.

Setting up 3CX

  • Set up the Topex as a PSTN Gateway for outgoing:
    • Go to the 3cx Management Console and select the “PSTN devices” > “Add Gateway” option.
    • In the “Add PSTN Gateway” page:
      • Set the “Name” field to “Topex” (for example).
      • Set the “Brand” field to “Generic”.
      • Set the “Model” field to “Gateway Device”.
      • Click the “Next >” button.
    • In the “Specify VoIP Gateway Details” page:
      • Enter the IP of the Mobilink in the section “Gateway Hostname or IP” and keep the rest as shown in the screen.
      • Enter the number of ports in the section “Number of ports”.
      • Click on “Next”.

    • Take note of the Authentication ID and password.
    • Click on “Next”.
    • On the Outbound Rules page set up the outbound rule you require for this device.
    • Click “Finish”.

Configuring the Topex to Connect with 3CX

  • Browse to the Topex’s Web console.

  • Navigate to “Call Control” > “Settings”.
    • Enter the Private IP of the PBX in the section“PBX IP Address”.
    • Click on “Save” and then press “Commit”.

  • Navigate to “Call control” > “Access IN”.
    • Enter the private IP in the section “IP Address”.
    • Set the NetMask to 24.
    • Click on “Save” and then press “Commit”.

  • Navigate to “Call control” > “Incoming Calls” > “Edit” > “More” and:
    • Set the option “Status” to “Enabled”.
    • Set the option “Mode” to “Target”.
    • Set the option “Target” to the SIM Card’s phone number.
    • Set the option “Ignore” to “00”.
    • Set the option “Limit” to “00”.
    • Set the option “Incoming Mode” to “USER”.
    • Set the option “User” to the Authentication ID provided by 3CX.
    • Set the option “Password” to the Authentication Password provided by 3CX.
    • Press “Save” and then press “Commit”.

  • To set up Topex for outgoing calls, navigate to “Call control” > “Outgoing Calls” > “Edit”:
    • Set the option “Status” to “Enable”.
    • Set the option “Prefix” to  “f”.
    • Set the option “Limit” to “0”.
    • Press “Save” and then press “Commit”.