3CX Top Forum Contributors for 2017

3CX Top Forum Contributors for the year 2017Towards the end of last year we announced that we would be rewarding our top forum contributors who due to their continuous support and contribution have helped numerous forum users and assisted in growing the 3CX Community. The rewards are as follows:


  • First place €750
  • Next 4 places €250 each
  • Last 5 places €100 each

And here are the top 3CX Contributors for the year 2017:

  1. Leejor
  2. Sip.bg
  3. Craigreilly
  4. Saqqara
  5. Cobaltit
  6. JasonNadeau
  7. Eddv123
  8. Giwm
  9. Narkumas
  10. Lneblett

Each contributor will be contacted personally by 3CX with instructions on how to claim their prize.

As of 2018 we will be rewarding top contributors quarterly so make sure you keep posting as you might be in the next list of top contributors!

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