3CX Phone System 12 RC 2 Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of the Release Candidate 2 of 3CX We are pleased to announce the launch of the 3CX Phone System 12 Release Candidate 2Phone System Version 12 (build 32127).Version 12 is the most feature rich, stable and scalable Phone System to date, and features completely new multi-platform clients for Windows, Android and iPhone. We are now feature complete and have added many new features, fixes and performance improvements.

3CXPhone for Windows Now has an Integrated SIP Phone

3CXPhone for Windows now features an integrated SIP phone, allowing users to easily switch between CTI mode for use in the office and SIP Phone mode when on the road or at home. Furthermore, we have added Group Chat and improved recording functionality and added language support for 3CXPhone for Windows in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Dutch and Danish.

Other New Features in 3CX Phone System 12

  • Added 10 custom options to each company and personal phonebook entry including Mobile 2, Home, Home 2, Business, Business 2, Pager, Other, Home Fax, Business Fax and Email Address
  • Company and personal phonebook matches also match added fields on incoming calls, allowing you to map multiple numbers to 1 single contact
  • Added Provisioning URL’s to the 3CX Management Console allowing admin to see what the provisioning URL is
  • Added functionality to choose which extensions / users should be pushed via GCM or APNS Push Notifications
  • Scheduled conferences have an ICS file attached to the conference invitation using the iCalendar standard. This section was rewritten and we can now support editing date and time parameters, adding or removing of participants, and also conference cancellations

For list of fixes, see the change log.

3CX Phone System PRO Edition with Full Exchange Integration

3CX Phone System Pro integrates with Microsoft Exchange server, connecting the Exchange GAL (global address list) or public folders to the 3CX Company phonebook. The new 3CX Company Phonebook Exchange Synchronization Manager syncs contacts directly from Microsoft Exchange Server (Requires 3CXPRO License) with your personal phonebook, so you’ll know who’s calling.

Additional IP Phones and Gateways supported

We have added support for a new VoIP Gateway, Welltech FXO Gateway and also added a template for Yealink’s new IP Phone, the Yealink T46.

Installing 3CX Phone System 12 Release Candidate 2

If you already have 3CX Phone System 12 Beta (not RC), and the 3CXPhone 12 Windows client installed, you’ll have to remove them and then install the Release Candidate 2 of v12 and the 3CXPhone for Windows client due to important installation changes. Users from RC1 can update via the updates section from the 3CX Management Console.

3CX Phone System 11 MyPhone Silverlight Cleanup Tool

3CXPhone System version 11 users can remove 3CX MyPhone, Desktop Components and Silverlight using this tool

Note to 3CX Phone System V12 Beta Users

3CX Phone System 12 RC now includes a full installation of the 3CXPhone for Windows client. In some cases, updating the Beta 3CXPhone for Windows client might fail. If you see the error “Unable to unzip update because of local header version mismatch”, go to C:\ProgramData\3CXPhone for Windows\PhoneApp\temp, delete “3CXPhoneWindowsUpdate.zip” or uninstall 3CXPhone for Windows and download the latest version from http://downloads.3cx.com/downloads/3CXPhoneforWindows125.msi and install again.


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