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3CX Voice Application Designer build 3659

3CX Voice Application Designer3CX is pleased to announce a new release of the Voice Application Designer, build number 3659. This new version includes a new installer package, bug fixes and improvements to the deployment settings.

The new installer can be downloaded from here. The new user’s manual can be downloaded from here.

Change log – 3CX Voice Application Designer build 3659


  • Debug visualization problem when debugging loops.
  • When the project loading fails, user defined components are removed from the toolbox, avoiding duplicates.
  • Invalid characters for XML are now ignored, allowing loading the project and files even after format transformations and network travel.
  • GET_TABLE_ROW_COUNT function now returns the right value when the table is empty.
  • Changes to the encoding during file saving and project deployment, in order to fix invalid characters problems.
  • E-Mail Sender component does not validate correctly constant e-mail addresses for domain names starting with numbers.
  • External Code Execution parameters now are sent in the right order to .NET libraries (before this change, they were being sent in alphabetical order).
  • XML return values are now well handled by every component (for example, when returning an XML as a string from an External Code Execution component).
  • File names containing dots are now well handled by the debugger.
  • Bridge transfer mode removed from the Transfer component.
  • NullReference exception fix when pressing OK in the Expression Editor form when “VAD Expression” is selected, but no function has been selected from the drop down box.


  • When a custom component is deleted, it is automatically disabled everywhere it is being used.
  • Deployment properties were simplified. Now the user only needs to select the web server that is being used by the 3CX installation, then all the parameters are automatically configured (port, URL, etc.). Project properties have been changed, but the project files are compatible assuming the default value.
  • New installer package.
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