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Three Underrated Reasons to Switch to an IP-PBX System

Advanced communication solutions like IP-PBX phone systems are proving efficient and suitable for businesses looking for top-notch telephony performance. After all, the upgraded phone system technology provides companies with cost efficiency as well as scalability. While these are outstanding advantages, some other lesser-known benefits should not be overlooked when exploring how a phone system upgrade can meet your business’s specific communications needs.

What exactly are the finer points of an IP-PBX solution, such as the one offered by 3CX? Let’s touch upon three of these:

Ease of Configuration

One of the most attractive assets of an IP-based phone system is its simple configuration process. It’s possible that, as a business leader, the prospect of downtime during a phone system upgrade has stopped you from considering the switch altogether. The move to Internet-based telephony, however, won’t disrupt business as IP-based telephony does not require physical wiring—rather, the phone lines are routed over the Internet.

Ability to Monitor an Entire System Centrally

Your new IP-PBX system is manageable from one interface. We know this perk is hard to conceptualize when you’ve been living so long with the copper wires and nearly indecipherable interface of your organization’s legacy phone system. Yet, imagine quickly assessing a problem with your IP-PBX system from a central Internet-based interface vs. waiting for an external PSTN technician to make a visit.

3CX Phone System Runs on Windows

An advantage of 3CX Phone System is that it runs on Windows, allowing for simple installation and management, as the system can be controlled from the 3CX Management Console, which comes with the phone system. No additional training is required as it operates on a known OS. This gives users the flexibility of choosing from an array of VoIP providers and IP Phones, providing for better phone system alignment with their preferences and needs.

Not all advantages of IP-PBX telephony are addressed equally by different providers. Click here to learn why 3CX is an outstanding choice when selecting an Internet-based phone system.

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