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Boost Your Communications Power With a Softphone Solution

If your business is still communicating on a legacy PBX, you’re probably experiencing a number of productivity lulls each day. An “old style” phone system poses many limitations to business communications, from its inability to connect remote offices to its lack of collaboration applications. Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a global enterprise, the capabilities of a softphone will help you derive the most power from your phone system.

A mobile-client-compatible software-based desktop phone allows organizations to optimally leverage the following functions:


Easily integrate a robust unified communications feature set into your company’s softphone configuration, and then leverage an array of brainstorming tools. From WebRTC-based Web conferencing to instant messaging, you can easily connect with co-workers in your central office—or with an office on the other side of the world—from your home office—using a desktop-configured phone system.


One of the greatest advantages of softphone technology is its ability to free your hands. With a software-based desktop phone system, employees don’t need to use a receiver. Instead, headsets are used, freeing up desk space as well as enabling users to conduct other manual tasks, including using other communication functions such as instant messaging.


Softphones not only free your hands, they free you from your desk. By simply downloading mobile clients to a compatible smartphone platform, employees can answer calls that are directed to their desk phones by using an application—that mirrors the interface on their desktop—on their mobile device.


A major pitfall of a legacy phone system is its limited ability to scale up as your business grows. For example, if you own a small business and you’re looking to open a new location, you’ll need a phone system that can support efficient communication among multiple offices. Since they are Internet-based, softphones provide the flexibility to easily add extensions and interoffice connections. Wired on-premises PBXs cannot provide the same support.

What business doesn’t want improved communications power? A softphone solution can give your company the edge it needs to successfully move ahead.

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