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Waving So Long to the Days of Complex Web Conferencing

The corporate world’s first Web conference must have been revolutionary. Imagine the technology induced adrenaline rush which must have swept over the room. In contrast, today’s Web conferencing exists as an everyday function for business leaders and mainstream consumers alike. Even though numerous organizations across the globe implement Web conferencing for business procedures, the systems currently utilized don’t always efficiently optimize the video conference experience.

However, new open-source innovations such as WebRTC are creating ground-breaking advancements for present corporate and consumer level web conferencing.

Businesses and consumers don’t want to empty their wallets nor struggle with complex installation processes in order to use web conferencing. Roopam Jain of Frost & Sullivan stated, “Customers are finding that ‘vanilla’ Web conferencing solutions are inadequate and are recognizing the need to deploy more comprehensive productivity tools.” Research implies simpler all-in-one solutions are in high demand.

Let’s walk through some of the disadvantages of today’s Web conferencing operations and learn how WebRTC can help resolve these issues:


Many Web conferencing platforms require users to install plug-ins or additional software and hardware accoutrements before a video conference can even commence. This is inconvenient and a large time investment on behalf of all parties involved. WebRTC based Web conferencing requires none of the above- making the process more efficient and increases the likelihood of revisiting this method of communication in the future.


Third-party clients do not always guarantee the reliability of visual and audio clarity. Installation problems may disable users from participating and conversation can often become indecipherable due to a delay in video and audio. WebRTC allows users to start a session straight from their browser by prompting invitees to simply click the provided link to begin the session form their own browser. This process eliminates the need for third party providers and improves the over-all speed and quality.

Take your business communication a step forward and join the advanced world of WebRTC based web conferencing.

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