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Do Your Mobile Employees Have the Tools They Need to Succeed?

Emails … and instant messages … and voicemails, oh my!

Today’s workers are flooded with communications from their multiple business partners and clients using a multitude of mediums and unified communications features including chat, videoconference, conference calling, extension portability and reliable old email.

Without the right tools at their disposal to address the various communications they receive, mobile employees will find it difficult to stay on top of client messages in a timely manner. But the good news is that by making use of modern communications solutions, your mobile employees won’t miss an important message ever again.

One such solution, unified communications, integrates voice, video, instant message, email, fax and presence into a single user-friendly interface. The technology allows employees to access all mission-critical communications from one central hub.

With a mobile unified communications solution, calls can be routed to employees’ smartphones via a softphone client, which means they can essentially put their office phone in their pocket as they move about their business. On top of that, they’ll also be able to access all other communications, so instant messages and emails won’t go unanswered either.

To ensure your company delivers the highest level of customer service, you need to be certain your employees can access their communications quickly. That way, you’ll be able to show—not just tell–the world that your company prides itself on an unmatched level of customer service.

Do your mobile workers have the tools they need to succeed? If you’ve not deployed a mobile unified communications solution, chances are they don’t. You can easily change that by deploying the technology and transforming your business overnight. Click here to learn more.

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