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Spotlight on Hosted Telephony Growth in India

Hosted telephony adoption is exploding across organizations in an array of industries and international markets. But this spike in the hosted telecom services market should come as no surprise, as its many benefits—such as cost efficiency, reduced in-house maintenance and scalability—are proving to be game changers for business communications and productivity.

Specifically, this type of telephony is showing noteworthy growth in the Indian market as of late. In fact, recent research revealed that the cloud telephony services market in India has grown immensely over the past few years and is set to continue at a steady rate.

According to the research, the global IP transition is driven in large part by the ability of hosted telecom systems to bring the robust features of unified communications (UC) along with the ease-of-use they afford to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). For instance, SMBs within the Indian market are taking advantage of virtual phone numbers, reduced long-distance call fees and contact center features such as call routing.

What’s more, many SMBs—within the Indian market and elsewhere around the globe—find a hosted solution a pragmatic choice because it can be completely outsourced. That is, a third-party managed phone system enables smaller businesses to scale at their own pace and add or drop phone extensions as needed. They are enabled to do this without incurring the downtime or fees associated with adding or eliminating on-premises copper wires or managing an in-house system.

And while this particular market is forecast to experience tremendous growth in the future, organizations across the globe are also experiencing these advantages. Let’s dig deeper into the ways hosted small-business phone systems are improving business functionality:

Reduced management responsibilities

A hosted PBX allows smaller organizations to function with enterprise capability because they don’t necessarily need to staff a dedicated IT team. For example, with a third-party managing a company’s phone system, business owners can focus on other internal tasks—such as marketing and sales, for example—without needing to finance or worry about internal IT requirements.

Heightened collaboration opportunities

When businesses can lean on an outside source to take care of integrating new features, they can take greater advantage of said features. For example, a small business might forgo UC integration if it had to install the features in its in-house system, as the process may seem complex to an organization with limited internal resources. However, with a hosted solution, businesses can simply request that their provider implement their choice of UC features. As such, businesses can gain more access to advanced collaboration tools such as Web conferencing, fax and voicemail-to-email routing. These features alone enable small businesses to function with much higher efficiency than a traditional phone system would allow.

Increased ability to scale

Another competitive advantage afforded by hosted telephony is its ability to scale up or down seamlessly at the drop of a hat. Because of this capability, small businesses can rest assured that when they expand, they won’t outgrow their phone systems. Rather, a hosted small-business phone system can remain with a company for its life span as there is no limit to the number of additional phone lines or bridges that can be added to connect geographically dispersed offices.

If the growth in the Indian market shows us one thing, it’s that hosted telephony is here to stay and it’s revolutionizing the way SMBs operate. You can start today by trying out the 3CX Hosted PBX.

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