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How to Convince Your CFO to Upgrade Your Phone System

As head of the IT department, you’re aware that your business’s technology infrastructure has some shortcomings. Right now, you’re confronting issues with your legacy PBX system. Perhaps you’ve already mentioned an IP-PBX upgrade to your CFO, but to no avail, as he or she isn’t convinced this solution will produce significant ROI. As such, you’ll need a power-packed argument to turn things around and finally get upper management support. After all, the phone system transformation you seek is a necessary component to the successful operation of your business.

Luckily, preparing your case won’t be difficult because IP-based phone systems offer a variety of business solutions that are cost-efficient. So, what do you include in a comprehensive list of IP-PBX attributes to convince your CFO to reconsider his or her stance? Here are a few facts that are sure to prompt upper managers to rethink their continued reliance on legacy PBX telephony:

Legacy PBXs make company growth cost-prohibitive

Continued business development is, of course, one of your company’s top priorities. However, growth that requires the addition of phone lines is costly with on-premise PBX systems and their lengths of copper wiring. In contrast, IP-PBX phone lines are added over the Internet at no charge. In effect, upgrading to an IP-based solution will enable your business to grow without breaking the bank.

IP phone lines connect remote offices

IP telephony allows for reduced long-distance fees among international offices as Internet-based phone lines don’t require a traditional phone carrier. A best-in-class IP-based phone system allows for the creation of bridges among office locations over IP phone lines. It’s simple to configure, as software-based telephony provides computer-based setup and installation. The ease of deployment and cost savings make way for optimal interoffice communications, which boosts productivity and collaboration across the board.

IP telephony boosts mobile productivity

With an IP-PBX, organizations have the option to use softphone technology. Softphones are desktop phones that employees can also access on their tablets, smartphones or laptops, allowing them to work remotely and stay connected while traveling. Allowing workers to leverage the technology will increase productivity and, ultimately, boost your company’s bottom line.

Software-based PBX allows for in-house management

Contacting legacy phone carriers for repairs and maintenance creates productivity lulls as well as unwanted fees. These issues can be eliminated by upgrading to an IP-PBX system. IP-based telephony can be managed by IT staff from one central control hub located on a desktop. All controls and management necessities are available to the user in one interface by way of drop down menus. This provides businesses with autonomy in managing their phone systems, and eliminates the need for external maintenance services.

If these facts alone don’t convince your CFO that an IP-PBX system will produce substantial ROI, learn even more persuasive details here.

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