How to Make a Conference Call Using Yealink T48/T46

conference yealink t48 t46In this example we will demonstrate how to make a conference call using Yealink T48/T46.





Conference Call

  • Make or Answer a call.

conference yealink t48 t46

  • Press the “Conference” button on the touchscreen.
  • Dial the number of the caller you wish to add to the conference call and press “Send” on the touchscreen.
  • When the called party answers, press “Conference” on the touchscreen. The call will be added to the conference.

conference yealink t48 t46

  • While in a conference call you can do the following:
  • Press the “Split” soft key to split the conference into two individual calls.
  • Press the “Hold” soft key to place the conference on hold.
  • Press “End Call” on the touchscreen, or the “Cancel” soft key to end the conference call.

A conference with up to three participants (yourself and two others) can be made using this procedure.