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3CX WebMeeting: Your Webex Alternative

Are you looking for a free or affordable Webex web conferencing solution that doesn’t require you to download a clunky app just so you can participate in a video conference? Look no further!

Save thousands per year with 3CX WebMeeting over other video conferencing solutions such as Webex and transform your communications with your customers and colleagues by leveraging 3CX WebMeeting’s powerful web conferencing and online meeting features.

Hop in an out of web conferences with just a few mouse clicks, unlike WebEx, where you need to download a client and ensure your Java is updated before you can even say “Hi” to your fellow participants. By leveraging Google’s WebRTC technology, 3CX WebMeeting eliminated the need for any plugins or clients, all that’s needed is a browser.

Boost your sales, increase your employees productivity whilst saving your business thousands per year in travel expenses, all with 3CX WebMeeting.

Take your standard business phone calls to the next level by adding video and get your points across better by actually visualising your sales pitch to prospective customers. Take control of a participant’s desktop to resolve any customer related queries in just a few mouse clicks. Share files, documents and point your participants to content on the web. Leapfrog your competition and see your productivity and sales fly with 3CX WebMeeting.

Whats more, 3CX WebMeeting is fully integrated with 3CX Phone System and free! So try it out today!

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