Power Your Business with 3CX WebMeeting – An Enterprise-Class Web Collaboration Solution

Web Collaboration Made Easy – 3CX WebMeeting

3CX WebMeeting is an enterprise-class, clientless web collaboration and video conferencing solution that takes your collaboration and communications to the next level. In real-time, colleagues, partners and customers can come together to share ideas and information.

Give your teams freedom to collaborate without having to think about the investment team coordination requires such as business travel and managing office space. 3CX WebMeeting allows you to collaborate on a new marketing plan, sales presentation or new product with colleagues that are located in different time zones. You can easily see the impact of an idea on your teammates’ faces and review a document on the fly. Welcome to the power of web collaboration.

Instant, Real-Time Collaboration

Desktop and application sharing, file sharing, whiteboarding, instant messaging. There’s no end to the collaborative power of 3CX WebMeeting. In real-time, your colleagues, partners and customers can come together to share ideas and information at a moment’s notice and at a fraction of the cost of on-site meetings.

Brainstorm and share ideas interactively with your participants by adding annotations, typing or drawing on an online whiteboard or directly on a PowerPoint presentation. 3CX WebMeeting is an excellent web collaboration solution that allows you to engage and interact with your participants faster and more efficiently. It streamlines your communications, brainstorming sessions and allows you to reach agreements faster than ever before.

Desktop and Application Sharing

Share your desktop or host of application with your participants. 3CX WebMeeting gives you the freedom of restricting your participants from seeing everything on your computer. 3CX WebMeeting provides a great way of delivering presentations, even if your participants don’t have the source application on their computer.


3CX WebMeeting is a clientless web collaboration solution that leverages WebRTC technology, allowing you to join an online collaboration in just a few mouse clicks! Schedule or join a 3CX WebMeeting web collaboration session without needing to install cumbersome, time intensive clients that ask you to update your Flash and Java plugins.

Try out 3CX WebMeeting today! Download 3CX Phone System and enable 3CX WebMeeting for free.