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A Wave of WebRTC Business Creativity Around the World

WebRTC is being used by businesses around the world.

WebRTC is being used by businesses around the world.

WebRTC is driving a wave of business creativity around the world, as one company after another is coming up with new solutions based on the powerful platform.

WebRTC, which connects users with voice calls, video and file sharing without the need for any kind of plugin or specialized software, is powering everything from notarizing documents to live yoga classes.

In Singapore, a new company called Temasys has launched Just click on your screen and you can send a video call link to meet with up to four people. Nothing to install — just click and you’re talking.

India’s solves a big problem for the country’s businesses using WebRTC. Low Internet connection speeds, and patchy service have kept many Indian businesses from developing interactive websites. But specializes in improving communications quality at low bandwidth, and so provides a click-to-call interface that Indian businesses are increasingly using to get the advantages of converting customer interest into sales calls right from the browser.

In Japan, carrier NTT is offering a speech-recognition application programming interface (API) compatible with multiple browsers, available for no charge on SkyWay, the company’s WebRTC space for developers. SkyWay makes its own speech-recognition server available; it recognizes spoken voices with high speed and high precision.

Turkey is home to PeerMesh, which uses WebRTC to enable online access to a Geographic Information System. In the past, using a GIS meant dealing with heavy server loads and high bandwidth. Peermesh uses WebRTC technology to offer a content delivery network that is cheaper and faster than existing solutions. It integrates easily into any browser without any plugins.

Then, in France, farmers who don’t have access to much technology have been connected up to sell products, thanks to a WebRTC app called granvillage from insurer Groupama. Many farmers are located at remote areas with no 3G/4G networks, and many don’t have smartphones, so the app permits them to post a click-to-call number along with a description of products on offer. Customers can also call into the app to hear a listing of available products. The app then gets producers into direct contact with prospective buyers.

And in Finland, offers live and recorded yoga classes – no longer any need to go to the asana – achieve your Zen with WebRTC.

Finance, the largest industry in the UK, is also seeing changes thanks to improved WebRTC-powered communications. London-based Cloud9 offers a trading system based on the platform that expands the communications range of the industry-standard product, and which cuts the costs of trading while maintaining a high level of security.

In the US, there is a broad group of exciting new WebRTC solutions. From OpenIT, which enables bankers to communicate directly with clients, to Notarycam, which gets your documents notarized without making you travel to the notary public’s office, to Paperspace, which connects you with a virtual computer in the Cloud that you can treat as your own, to Xoeye, which puts computerized eyeglasses in touch with the computers in the office — there is a vast wave of creativity underway.

3CX is a great innovator in the use of WebRTC as part of its phone system. The PBX offers web conferencing in just a few clicks, in which users can share screens and documents, and collaborate on a white board. The click-to-call link that comes with every user extension empowers landing pages so that customers can express immediate interest. To learn more, just click here.

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