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Looking to Move From T1 to IP-PBX? It’s Easier Than You Think

You’ve just about had it with your existing “old style” PBX. Your monthly bill is too high, you don’t have the business phone features you need, and the system is a hassle to scale and maintain. In short, you are no longer satisfied with the service you’re getting from legacy telephony that uses T1 lines, but switching to IP communications seems like a daunting task. What is a decision maker to do?

First, in truth, switching to IP telephony isn’t all that complicated. All you have to do is purchase a SIP trunk from an Internet telephony service provider—just as you would have purchased a T1 trunk from a telco operator in the past—and simply connect it to a SIP-based IP-PBX like 3CX Phone System. The SIP trunk replaces your old style phone line, and the IP-PBX takes the place of your legacy communications system. That’s all there is to it!

As soon as your new IP-PBX is up and running, you’ll begin to reap new benefits like:

  • Unified communications features like presence, unified messaging and extension portability at no additional cost
  • The ability to manage the system from a central console
  • Integration with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Mobile clients for both Android and iPhone

Best of all, moving to IP telephony will help you slash your communications expenses dramatically. With an IP-PBX, you can connect remote offices on one system to eliminate interoffice call charges, scale the system rapidly without deploying extra hardware, and save cash in a variety of other ways. In this day and age, there’s no reason you should have to settle for less than top-notch service at a reasonable cost for your business communications. With SIP trunks and IP-PBX, you won’t have to.

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